Cosmic Watch of the Nephilim
Cosmic Watch of the Nephilim
Cosmic Watch of the Nephilim

Cosmic Watch of the Nephilim

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For those of you who thought that the Nephilim were strictly a "Bible thing", you have another think coming.  Of course, you are all familiar with the tales of the Nephilim from the Bible days.  These have been told even since the 1800s.  I would know, I was there.  These stories are not familiar in mainstream Christianity, simply due to the nature of the Nephilim.  They are mentioned in secret codes, by terminology such as fallen angels and the sons of man.  They are in plain writing for one to view in the Bible, you just have to be able to piece it together.  In all actuality, the Nephilim are a race of metaphysical beings that were sent by the primordial gods that existed before the creation of the Earth.  They are called "fallen angels" because these beings existed with the gods way before the Earth was a twinkle in the eye of those who created it.  Any being that is not a God, but still holds the knowledge of being such a entity were considered to be these "angels" that everyone talks about.  One of my biggest pet peeves that I have held ever since I could remember is the fact that people die and become angels.  They do not die and become angels. they die and become souls.  The angles are also primordial beings of a certain rank, they just are not at the top.  They also hold this knowledge that the gods hold over us. They are highly intelligent beings and were often times sent by the gods as messengers. Then, there are the ones that strayed.  They chose to leave "heaven" and enter the mortal realms.  These are what we refer to as the fallen angels.  
In the times of Noah, there was a mini-revolution.  Some of these angels had had enough of living in secrecy, throwing themselves from heaven to the Earth.  In due process, they became fallen angels.  These are angels who have taken a more or less mortal form.  These angels then bred with mortal women.  The result was an offspring called the Nephilim.  As half human and half angel, the offspring had an excessively long lifespan, but they are not immortal.  In addition, they hold all of the knowledge that the original fallen angels held.  I know this because in my time I have visited and worked with several of their kind.  Yes, they still exist despite the fact that Noah's flood was supposed to eradicate them completely.  It was a ploy by the gods to make sure that their deepest secrets were never revealed, but it did not work.  Of course, there are those Nephilim that have since died out.  They were killed by the floods, or they just died.  Like I have already told you, they are not immortal.
Recently, an entire grave of Nephilim have been discovered.  They are elongated bones with larger than normal proportions.  These Nephilim, when alive, were considered giants.  This is how David was able to "slay a Giant?  Remember, everything is taken in perspective when it was written.  Of course Goliath was a giant, because he was not human-- at least not fully human.
Even Nephilim can fall, as has been proven time and time again.  Researchers seem to have no clue what the bones are from, calling it another species of human that existed in South America.
After doing a little bit of my own research, I can tell you that the bones that were found were beyond a shadow of a doubt, those of the Nephilim.  They can test them until the cows come home.  The results even state that they found a new, "human-like" creature unlike any human form ever known to man.  They have strange DNA sequences and calling them their own genus of human just does not chalk it up.  Yes, these skulls were found in Pisco Province in Peru.  Yes, their skulls were elongated, which some Inca may or may not have done.  The fact stands that the lab results have specifically said that the elongating of the skulls were not a product of skull-boarding.  They simply naturally occur that way.  This is to accommodate their abnormally large brain which they genetically inherited from their parents, who were fallen angels.
While I was probing my own investigation into the findings, dubbed the Paracus Skulls, I took a necromancy piece with me.  In doing so, I was successfully able to reincarnate one of the some three hundred skeletons that existed in the makeshift Nephilim grave.  One was enough, because the Nephilim shared his account of life with me, telling me that he lived for some three thousand years.  He said that the Nephilim have migrated and that they are alive and living even to this day.
They have taken human form bodies to better blend into their surroundings, but it does not change the fact that they can take the form of a Nephilim at any given time.  These Nephilim exist in secret among covens of their kind.  They practice their magic in secret.  As proof, as if I needed any more, the Nephilim that I had resurrected gave this to me as a token of his sincerity.  
Through experimenting with this relic of power, I have determined that this piece is a cosmic watch.  With this watch, whomever uses it can travel in time to anywhere there want to.  You can travel into the past to any destination to experience anything that you want to.  You can travel to any point in the future, as well.  In addition, you can use this piece to travel through different astral realms, where you experience different types of powers that you will be able to absorb and bring home with you.  You can also use this piece to travel into the astral realms and through the realms of time that exist there.  Each astral realm has its own timeline, which this piece gives you the ability to explore.  There is really no telling what you might experience, but there is no worries, as this piece also provides the white light shield that an angel, even the fallen ones, carries with them.  Ironically, despite the fact that Nephilim are not born with immortality, this piece also gives you this power.  You will assume immortality in whatever stage of life you are currently at.  
To use this piece, you where it as the necklace that it is designed to be.  It comes pre-activated, so there is nothing you have to do to use this piece, besides wear it.  The gears are suspended on the inside, because it gives you the power to suspend all time and astral space, to come and go as you please.  Wear the gears next to your heart and your body's pulse will emanated the power through the entirety of your mortal beings.  You will know when the powers have been fully pumped through your body, because you will be able to feel them.  They will encapsulate you, while at the same time setting you free.  You will become an entirely different type of entity and you will know this, because all entities of this sort know who they are.  This is a most powerful piece, do not pass it up!


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