Cosmological Magic (1) - Male
Cosmological Magic (1) - Male
Cosmological Magic (1) - Male

Cosmological Magic (1) - Male

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This piece was recovered from a place that we are calling Gadoury's city.  If you keep up-to-date with archaeology at all, you will recall that earlier this year, a teenager from Canada claimed to have discovered the whereabouts of a lost Mayan metropolis.  He received awards and accolades for his discovery.  He was touted as science's "next big thing."  He was put on news shows and interviewed by the BBC and the whole nine yards.  Then, as if it never happened, the city that Gadoury discovered was no longer there.  Despite the fact that the city he had discovered lines up perfectly with maps of the constellations, "mainstream" scientists have suggested that the images that were seen from satellite imagery were that of some sort of farming plot, perhaps even one that grew marijuana.  After that all hopes of discovering the city fell void.  It was just never brought up again.  People blamed the craze on media being too quick to blow things virally out of proportion.   

What is truth and what is said is sometimes, if not most times, not the same.  For instance, I know this city exists.  However, the city holds such sacred magic that the governments of the world-- call it the NWO if you want to-- got together and masked the entire existence of a city that holds 30 structures and a pyramid.  How they did it, I have no idea.  It must have been some type of cloaking technology, but I can prove to you that the city exists and that the city still does exist.  How they made it disappear to the human eyes is something that I don't understand.  Why they did it, however is a totally different agenda.  The magic that is found in this ancient city is extremely, extremely powerful.  They wanted the magic to themselves and for the most part they got it.  What they didn't get is this piece right here.  

This piece comes from the ancient city, as we sent out a group of investigators the day after the discovery.  The city has some really long name, which basically means the City of the Seven Elders.  The Seven Elders are seven immortals who were given immortality by the gods in ancient times.  They were given immortality and placed in thrones inside of the pyramid so they could keep watch on all of time and on the constellations.  Each elder holds a specific power that they hold governance over.  They are seven ancient powers that come from seven cities that exist through star portals in other galaxies.  These galaxies sent us these powers after the Earth was visited by extraterrestrials in ancient times.  We think they are allies of these aliens but we aren't really quite sure.  We just know that the seven powers come from the seven ancient cities.  We know nothing else.  

The powers of the Seven Elders, which are also the powers of the Seven Ancient Cities have been placed into this piece.  This was done when our team of investigators was allowed entrance into the pyramid for a limited amount of time.  The Elders granted them entrance, but have refused entrance to the modern machinery of the NWO, which is probably why they cloaked the area, so they could covertly work on opening the pyramid.  Either way, this piece holds seven ancient powers that can be used by the person who holds this piece.  The seven ancient powers that you get when you choose this piece are as follows:  

1.)  Cosmological Immortality-- Meaning that your physical body may die, but after that you will live on among the stars, in your true cosmological form.  It is not the same as dying and becoming a soul, because you will still have your physical life, it will just be very, very different.  You will live on kind of like a constellation, but as an energy mass that is free to come and go as it pleases.  

2.)  Cosmological Wealth-- this is the wealth that was given to the ancients such as the Mayans, the Hopi, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, and yes, the Atlanteans.  If is the wealth that allowed their civilizations to thrive.  This same power will bring you riches beyond your wildest imagination.

3.)  Cosmological Awakening-- this will give you a connection to the cosmos and the force of life that exists at the center of the universe.  You will be able to see through this force and to know all things past, present, and future.  When I say things, I mean things such as the  meaning of life, where we all came from, the powers that allow us to exist, how it will all come to an end, etc.  

4.)  Cosmological Psychic Enlightenment-- this one is easy.  This is a full psychic awakening during which all of your psychic abilities will come too full fruition and you will be able to use them at your own free will.  

5.)  Cosmological Travel--  this allows you to travel to any point on the space-time continuum that you choose to visit.  

6.)  Changing the Cosmos-- this ability is basically changing the cosmos to rearrange your own destiny.  The ancestors of the universe will awaken and you can summon them to change your destiny outcomes.  You can literally write anything into your destiny, as you see fit.  

7.)  Eye of the Cosmos-- This is the ability to see all things and to know all things.  It is the ability to see through the eye at the center of the universe, to be able to see all things at once and be able to know all things simultaneous, whether from the past, present, or future.

This listing is for the males, which is a male bracelet.

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