Coucher De Soleil Vampire Blood Rite Ring
Coucher De Soleil Vampire Blood Rite Ring

Coucher De Soleil Vampire Blood Rite Ring

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We got this piece on an investigation that we were on in France.  France just really seems to be the hotbed for the paranormal and the occult lately.  Well, to tell the truth it always kind of has been.  If you think about it, aside from the more urban city areas, it is the perfect place to kind of hide out.  It is the perfect place for a coven of ancient vampires to hide, undetected, in order to perform the types of rituals they need to perform in order to keep them alive.  For them, it's the rural parts of France that are perfect for them to pluck up humans that nobody is really going to miss.  I hate to say it, but it's true.  The most remote parts of France are sometimes like no-man's-land.  The people there fly under the radar on purpose, so if they go missing, nobody really questions it.  
The ring that I have is from the coven, who calls themselves Coucher de Soleil.  They live in the French Alps, because they prefer it to be cold and dark most of the time.  After all, they are technically dead and they don't require heat.  The stone that you notice in this ring has been made with crystallized blood from the vampires of the coven.  They make these pieces, because the energies in the blood helps to amplify their own powers.  The blood crystals are made using the mortal blood of the humans that they hunt and "eat".   
The alchemy that they use to create these blood crystals is a magic that has been passed down by the one and only Vladimir Tepes, who was one of the most powerful vampires in the more recent times.  I only say recent, because there are vampires who have been around since before the creation of Earth.  Proportionately, that makes Vladimir Tepes somewhat of a new thing.  Old for us, but new in general.  Either way, this is where their alchemy has come from.  In fact, there is a whole scroll that this coven owns that was written by Vladimir Tepes.  Written on human vellum, with human blood, this scroll is extremely powerful and contains many ancient magic forms that Coucher De Soleil now owns.  I honestly can't say whether they own the scroll because they stole it or if it was actually given to them.  I'm telling you, these are not the type of guys you want to take your eyes off of.  I'm convinced the only reason we were actually safe during this investigation is because we carried heavy protection pieces with us.  Otherwise, we might have been their next blood meal.  
I wouldn't say that we were exactly given this piece.  It's more like we took it.  Well, there was one vampire there that we really connected with that helped us steal this piece from the coven's collection.  He doesn't really living with the rest of the coven, but he says it makes his life easier, so he stays.  His name was Armand and he is the one that helped us take this piece from the Blood Coven's stash.  I mean, they have a bunch of them, but they are super stingy over their powers and their collection of items.  To be fair, if I had an item this powerful, I'd probably be reluctant to part with it.  Believe me, we were, but we personally don't have a use for this item.  This is why we are offering it for sale.  
This piece, as I have already stated contains a crystallized drop of blood.  This blood was from one of the humans that they took as their blood meal.  The blood was infused by blood alchemy powers that were create by Vladimir Tepes, one of the most powerful vampires of all times.  The crystallized bloodstone was polished and set into this piece.  It holds the ancient powers that were created through blood rites and blood alchemy by Vlad Tepes, as written by him on the human vellum and blood scroll that the Coucher de Soleil coven owns.  
When you wear this piece, the pulse from your heart beating will beat fresh energies into this piece, and the full powers of what this item can do will come to life.  You will discover that this piece will perform a blood rite on your souls, which will give you the DNA of a full sanguine vampire.  I'm not saying this piece will give you a full vampire transformation, only that you will get the DNA of a full sanguine vampire, which will give you their power and abilities, but since you are still part human, you won't need to drink blood.  
The powers you get with this piece are all those that you would normally associate with a sanguine vampire.  You will get control over a full range of blood rite spells.  You will gain wealth and ancient wisdom of the vampires who came before you.  You will get knowledge of the blood alchemy magic.  You will gain the ability to hold control over other humans through psy-ops.  You will gain a full sanguine psychic awakening that will connect you to every sanguine vampire who has ever existed.  You will see their thoughts and known their magic and powers.  
This piece is truly powerful and very rare.  You do not want to miss your chance on this one.  

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