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This is the picture of Countess Klara. The sides are made to be decorative but look deep because it is sinister really. Countress Klara was Elizabeth Bathory's Aunt.  Not much is known about her that has been past down in history but she was the driving force that made Elizabeth want to learn occult magic. That along with her desire to become immortal and keep her youth. It is really such a shame when the mentally unstable want immortality because then the rest of us much put up with them longer!

Both Elizabeth and Klara are alive today and Elizabeth is a serial killer at this time in Canada. As for Countess Klara I have no idea where she is but this piece holds all the energy and magical ability she holds.

Countess Klara knew the original ritual for spirit cooking and did it often. She knew how to use herbs in magical ways, heal and cause havoc too. She was more then well known for her abilities sexually and sexual magic. Countess Klara is bi-sexual and there is proof of this in Bathory's diary.

What does this piece do for you? For the more educated buyer this is a piece you would want. Most want the item that holds the energy of a more famous person but often if you are really looking for magic you need to look else where. This is not always the case but most often the less known people really knew their shit. Countess Klara is one of them.

This piece will telepathically educate you and even do magic for you. If you decide to become educated get ready. If you want things done for you she can do that too. Not her but the energy has developed into a mind of it's own which is rare in any piece. This usually happens when a person lives past normal expectations as with Countess Klara.

What types of things can she do and what does she enjoy, the energy with a life of it's own? Sexual energy and seduction is one of her most favorites. She loves to give sexual magic to both men and women.

True occult ritual magic leading to what your end goal is.

Healing if needed.

The power of her pulse. This is that living energy that thrives on your heatbeat and the blood running through you. This is serious magic and not kiddie stuff.

Wealth, power and class. She openly gives these to you through power seduction.

Maintaining beauty and hypnotic abilities.

Conjuring of all things hidden, including the ability to manifest for the time you need a item to use. This means you will not keep the item but you will be able to use it.

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