Created by the Hand of the Philosophers | STAR
Created by the Hand of the Philosophers | STAR

Created by the Hand of the Philosophers | STAR

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The Hand of the Philosophers is something that has remained somewhat of a mystery to the general people because it is something that not just anyone can understand. It is full of symbols, signs, and magic that contain secrets from other societies, all with their own meanings. They have been accumulated through an unknown but likely extravagant period of time. Few who do know and can understand the symbols and signs encrypted upon this hand know that the hand itself holds higher truth to anything and everything in existence - everything is more than what it seems.

We have come to understand the hand more clearly. Each finger represents something and is an entity of its own.

The thumb - a crown with a moon overhead - represents the ground and all that rests upon it. The moon overhead is all that gazes upon creation. In other words, platform and then creation. From this you will gain the power of creation and the ability to watch over all you create.

The index - a star with six points - represents absolution or the lack of. In other words, all that you create has the chance of being absolute or imperfect, which is beyond your control. At first.

The middle finger - a sun - represents the sun being the most powerful thing in existence and anything that exists below it is immediately inferior. Only the sun can and will birth strength but never one stronger than itself. However, we know that this finger in particular is encrypted with symbols and signs, when assorted, make up the sun itself, which can and does allow the creation of magic stronger than where it comes from. From this you will be exposed to power that can rival all others. You can achieve superiority but it will take time, understanding, and a solid connection with this component.

The ring finger - a lantern - says that perfection is impossible. This is different from the index finger because the symbols and signs represent the power of something else. This part has to do with taking away from that of which is otherwise perfect. From this you can gain perfection by refusing others the ability to achieve it. This is arguably the most selfish component of them all. Your perfection must be gained through the failure of others.

Lastly, the little finger - the key. This last component is the most crucial to acquaint yourself with. This component represents ascension. As you familiarize yourself with the other components, you will unlock the power hidden within.

This piece is entirely encrypted with the hidden power, symbols and signs of the Hand of the Philosophers. You can and will gain power over creation, absolution, superiority, perfection and completion. Through the encryption in this piece, there is no door that will remain closed, no boundary you cannot cross and no limit you will be restrained by. It is the ultimate piece for transcendence and likely all you will ever need for any reason you can imagine.

This is a sterling silver ring. To activate any of the desired encryptions, you must place the ring upon the finger of the power you desire to activate. Put the ring on each finger, allow it to sit there for a moment. It does not need to fit the finger. This ring is a size 10 or 11.

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