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Facts are the most important basis upon developing any type of theory.  Theories are merely ideas until they are proved.  However, it is a fact that history repeats itself.  Our existence in and of itself is cyclic.  This means there are constantly things being born from those things that cease to exist.  To simplify this notion, ponder the fact that a tree loses all its leaves in the Fall.  Without fail, the tree will surely have lush, green foliage come the following spring.  If you've noticed this happening before, the reasoning behind it is simply because the tree is going through life cycle changes.  The trees old foliage dies and through the winter the tree hibernates and is given energy from cosmic forces in the universe.  Primarily, these energies will come from the sun that beats down its constant presence on the tree all winter long.  Come Spring, the tree is ready for rebirth.  Human existence kind of works along the same line as this, except in much greater spans of "time".  

If you own a copy of the Bible, you can open it up and verify the following passage yourself.  It occurs in the Book of Genesis in chapter one and verse 28. Go gives his creations explicit orders and tells them to, "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth."  They are Gods exact instructions to Adam and Eve, which I find to be rather interesting.  When you put naked human beings on the face of the Earth and give them a sex drive like the ones we have, what do you likely expect to happen?  Either way, God told them to enjoy each other in order for them to REPLENISH the Earth.  Not populate or fill, like some contemporary religious nut jobs claim.  Rather, he instructed man and woman to go forth to repopulate the Earth, which tends to make a lot of people wonder what exactly was here before humankind as we know it?  I mean, there already is no mention of the scientifically proven dinosaur species that once roamed the Earth.  What's to say the Bible is leaving out, perhaps specifically, those things that happened pre-human era.  The Bible is a Book of Laws that applies strictly to humankind.  God says we are his creation-- but never once in the Bible does it say that we are his only creation.

Ever since I was a child, I read the Bible as a sort of adventure story.  I was never raised in much of a religious home, despite growing up in the time era in which I was mortally born.  Thus, the doom and gloom stories that were told by the Evangelists never really bothered me, because I've always somehow managed to look at things from outside of the box.  Generally, I think that people, mostly mortals, are all too willing to believe what somebody tells them, just because they tell them to believe a certain way.  People read the Bible and take what they want from it and try to cram the way they have interpreted it down another person's throat.  I've never been one to believe what other people tell me to believe because I was given a brain and I have the ability to think for myself.  Personally, I've always believed that the Bible should be implemented like a school text book-- it should be well studied before we draw any assumptions.  Asides from the fact that there are thousands of hidden messages and codices in the Bible, this ancient book is one that should surely be read like a text book.  It gives a great wealth of knowledge and should be studied, not used to impose religion based on one or two passages.

As far as this piece is concerned, I can honestly say that I set out to find this one.  It wasn't an item that I was given as a thank you, or one that I accidentally came across.  It was one that I specifically wanted to create, so that way I could answer some of the questions that I've had roaming around in my head since childhood.  At night, I would look up at the skies and wonder what else was out there.  What else is there besides us?  If God created man, then who created God?  Or, what happens when God dies?  Or, what does eternity really mean?  The biggest mystery of all, to me, was if the world is old as scientists claim it to be, then what came before us.  You have to remember that in the 1800s it was taboo to go against Christianity, so asking these questions was always almost out of place.  Also, scientist had only begun to really draw any type of hypothesis as to what was really going on with world.  Not to say it is easier on today's population, but you have to understand that society told people to believe a certain way and if you didn't?  Well, then you were wrong.  I often times kept my questions to myself.  Once I became immortal, I figured that since there really much else to do for the rest of forever, I might as well set out to find the truth to my answers.  

Without further ado, this piece was given to me, but I embarked upon the pilgrimage that made it possible.  Like I said, I didn't just happened upon it.  There have been lots of speculation as to the location of King Solomon's Temple.  There are plenty of historical facts that date and locate the Temple Mounts, which are the second and third temples that were built by King Solomon.  Yet, til this very day, the only "facts" that are written about the location of King Solomon's Temple are sheer speculation.  Unless, of course, you ask me.  I know the truth and I will tell you.  The first Temple of Solomon is located in the wilderness of Ethiopia.  It makes sense if you think about it.  First, it is a perfectly elusive location.  Nobody would ever think to search around the wilderness for a Temple.  Second, it was close to the woman whom he adored most, the Queen of Sheba.  Either way, this is the location where he built his Temple.  After much research, I concluded that my journey would lead me to this destination.  Minor details aside, I eventually wound up finding the remains of this Temple.  I can't honestly say that the whole thing has remained in tact.  Some of the temple is weathered, but for a building of its age,  Solomon's Temple seemed to hold up pretty well.  The truth is that I nearly gave up.  Wondering around in the wilderness and the desert can tend to drive you a little bit mad at times, and can really stretch your patience thin.  I was frustrated and ready to call it quits, when one night I receive a holy vision.  I was strolling, still in my hellish turmoil, but came across a young man who was writing on a scroll.  He didn't identify himself.  He merely smile at me and informed me that I was on the last leg of my journey.  Then he showed me what he was writing, entitled the "Song of Songs"  At this point I knew it was a young King Solomon and I watched as he wrote his legacy which eventually would become part of the Bible.  He allowed me to read part of it, in which was a secret code was given on how exactly to find what was left of his temple.  They say that the Holy Spirit inspires us all, and there is no doubt that this is what happened to Solomon that day.  

After my rejuvenating dream that I had, I woke up with vigor.  I was up and out early, following the explicit instructions I was given the night before.  I came as no surprise to me when I happened upon the temple.  It was here that I stayed to fast for seven days.  During the hot days I do what I could in an attempt to shade myself.  At night I slept under the stars.  On the Seventh Day King Solomon appeared to me, to show me the answers that I was searching for.  He took me into thepre-human time era.  The Earth was seriously devoid of anything except for water.  Water was the only substance on the face of the Earth besides light and the being on Earth sustained in the water, feeding off of it like a plant or a tree.  I couldn't quite understand until it was explained to me that God's power is most prevalent in water.  It makes perfectly good sense, if you really stop to think about it.  The world is 70% water.  The human body is 70%.  People are baptised with water.  Exorcisms are done with Holy Water.  There are even illnesses which are thought to be driven out by water that has been blessed by religious clerics.  Baby Moses was guided down a river (full of Water), where he was rescued by the Pharaoh's daughter.  Moses led his people into Exodus through parting the waters.  Jesus looked up and saw Heaven while he was being baptized by John the Baptist, while in water.  The list could on and on for ever.

In this water world existed a race of beings known as the Elohim.  They built cities in the water, but then again, they could walk on water just as Jesus had, because these ancient beings were actually a "Christ Race".  The term Elohim is recorded in the Bible, but is often times misinterpreted as being one of the names of God.  Rather, the term Elohim means Gods, as in more than one.  Also, it does not refer to a main God or giver of power.  It refers to smaller, offspring deities that are born of the main God, but retain all of his power.  The Elohim were a race of gods that God had created.  They were half god and half mortal, to put it into terms that the human mind can comprehend.  They were just like Christ in that God birthed them, immaculately, and placed them on the Earth, which at that time was a water world and contained the greatest amounts of his white light creation power.  We already know that God is a God that likes to create.  He creates in cycles.  You can prove this by reading in Revelation when the prophet John talks about the Earth Renovation that will happen after the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ on Earth.  To further prove my findings, look up to the night sky.  There plenty of other worlds and galaxies that our God has created.  Are they talked about in the Bible?  No.  Again, the Bible is a learning tool, given to us, to help us guide our lives through our mortal forms.  You are not meant to fully understand, at least not in this life time.  However if you want to understand, then this piece is the closest you will ever come to ever really knowing the whole truth.  

Ah, yes... the piece.  When I awoke from my vision, I alone except for a basket of bread that I'm assuming was left for me to ease my pangs of hunger that began having after only 72 hours of fasting.  It was a gift from God, just as Jesus gave the gifts of fishes and loaves.  I gave thanks for my bread and in the bottom of the basket I found a peculiar little item.  I carried this item with me for years and years, until I was able to fully understand that the item allowed me to travel back to my vision time and time again.  Using this piece, you will also be allowed to travel back and view my vision.  Furthermore, you will be able to visit the water world cities of the Elohim, where Gods spirit flowed over the Earth freely, which was also recorded in the Book of Genesis when Moses writes that God's powers floated over the waters.  By visiting the Elohim and their cities, you will be given their God-like, white powers.  Using these powers you will be able to break the cycle by seeing into the cyclic and creationary nature of God.  Let's face the facts, shall we? 

 We'd be selfish and narcissistic to think that we are the only beings that God has ever created.  For crying out loud, we already know that he created the angels, as a fact!  The Earth is BILLIONS of years old.  This life cycle, by comparison is only a few thousand.  Then, by default, there had to be something in existence before we were here.  Likely, there will be something in existence after we are here and even after the reign of Christ on Earth, and even after that.  It is in God's nature to create and sustain.  With this item, you will be given an insight into his creationist nature.  You will be able to see, feel, hear, touch, and smell all those things that he has created since the beginning of time; and not just human time, but God's time.  You will finally understand what it means to be immortal, by the hand of the most immortal being to have ever existed.  I gather that this piece will also give you a white light ability, in which you will gain all the powers of the Elohim, which are actually God's immortal assistants, which is why he lets them swim in his power.  He doesn't want them to ever lose their divine sustenance.  In fact, they are still swimming in his power, in their water cities, somewhere in a parallel realm, but we'll save that for another time.  This piece is extremely powerful and will provide you with a knowledge and divine education that you cannot refute.


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