Croatoan | STAR
Croatoan | STAR
Croatoan | STAR
Croatoan | STAR

Croatoan | STAR

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I once thought that I had seen and knew it all. However, I was proven entirely wrong not too long ago when I crossed this piece. It was almost entirely evil when we found it. The evil was unlike anything we have ever seen before. History calls the works of this item mysterious disappearances because they have no idea where entire civilizations manage to disappear to overnight. Very seldom does science have all the right answers, so it is always a little interesting to watch the things the world is willing to pull out of its hat to explain obvious acts of the paranormal or supernatural.


These following civilizations all have something in common—they did not move, they were taken.


It is responsible for exactly three—not all—otherwise mysterious disappearances recorded in history. The first is the civilization of the Indus Valley. This one has very little tangible evidence that provides anything crystal clear about what had happened to the people. All that is really known is that the people had completely vanished off of the face of the Earth. Historians? They blame the disappearance on dramatic weather changes, suggesting that the civilization up and left for a different and better place to settle. However, does that not raise the question of where they had gone? Why is there no evidence of their existence elsewhere?


The Easter Island Civilization is the second, in which the circumstances are fairly similar. It is believed that they depleted their resources and then they moved on. However, there is no solid evidence that the civilization settled anywhere else. Familiar?


Finally, the most recent event was the Lost Colony and this civilization is the only one to have ever fought this piece before succumbing to its power. History suggests that this civilization moved—like the others before it—to a different place. It is believed that they carved the word ‘Croatoan’ into the wood of a tree and a post in their original settlement to give others a clue of where they had gone.


That theory could probably have some merit if not for what I know to be true—Croatoan is not a place, it is a creature. There may be places named after it but the creature itself came well before everything else. It feeds off of the life, the power, and the will of that of which it takes in and turns it all into raw power. With this power, Croatoan not only uses it to live indefinitely, it uses the power to seek more as well.


This piece has been in the hands of several other individuals in time, all of which were driven mad with it in their possession. One of the most famous names I have to offer is Edger Allen Poe who died in a state of complete delirium and continuously whispered the name of this creature as he died. He had been one of the two people to have ever owned this piece without going missing.


The most recent owner of this item was Amelia Earhart who had written about this item and her concerns over the entity inside in her journal. The single word—the name—Croatoan litters several pages continuously. 


When I came in possession of this item, I had already been aware of what it was and what was inside it so I did so with precaution. I made absolutely sure that the entity inside could not take me as it had so many others. You could say that I brought out the big guns with this one; protection spells and protection pieces. Once I was in possession of it, Croatoan spoke to me. It was both infuriated and intrigued that it had no power over me.


Since then, the Croatoan inside has been stripped of its ability to manipulate the holder of the item. It can no longer harm anything or anyone around it. As this piece has taken many lives and its power is the product of many different forms of magic, there is nothing that it is no capable of. Although its power remains great, it cannot get any stronger by taking life. It’s strength now depends on the person in possession of the item. You can control this entity and take from it whatever you desire. It will communicate to you but it is entirely at your will and it cannot deny you what you wish from its power.


If there is one thing I can attest to, the power of this item is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is absolute.


This is a sterling silver ring with green turquoise.

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