Crowley's Homunculus
Crowley's Homunculus

Crowley's Homunculus

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Aleister Crowley became a famed magician after his run-in with an entity named Aiwass.  The entity came to him and gave him magical secrets while he was in Cairo on a honeymoon.  This magic was the basis upon which Aleister Crowley founded Thelema, identifying himself as the entrusted prophet to guide humanity into the Aeon of Horus.  
This isn't the first run-in with magic that Crowley had, though.  He was born roughly the same time that I was.  If he was alive today, he would be only a few years younger than I am.  Despite all of his magic, he somehow never found out a way to achieve immortality.  As I have told you all before, the 1800's were a time where religion still pretty much ruled everything.  Crowley wouldn't accept this as an answer.  He traded in his family's belief in fundamentalist Christianity to pursue an interest in Western esotericism.  
In 1898, he joined a group of tremendous magical influence called the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a group that I had already been part of.  He studied with Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers and Allan Bennett.  This was after he studied mountaineering and poetry at Cambridge.  I have met both of these men myself and I can attest to the power that they have developed and to the powers that they have taught Aleister Crowley.
Amidst all of the magic that Aleister Crowley had going on in his life, he always entrusted his information to his personal, magical assistant.  You would think this might have been his wife or a close friend.  It was neither of these.  It was an entity that he birthed with the sole purpose of serving him.  It was a small human-like creature that was created by Crowley, called an homunculus.  These creatures are born during a spell of alchemy that involved horse manure and a man's ejaculate.  The two are mixed and the alchemical properties of the two produce a small breed who is subservient and loyal to whomever has created him.  This magic as given to Aleister by Aiwass, the entity he encountered in Egypt.   
The homunculus was given the name Magnus Occltus, because he held all of Aleister Crowley's magical knowledge, even the secrets that he told nobody.  When Aleister Crowley died in 1947, so did the Homunculus that he had carried in his pocket for years and years.  Okay, so maybe he didn't carry him in his pocket, but Magnus was always with Aleister wherever they went.  It was like Paris Hilton and the dog she carries around with her in her purse.  These two were pretty inseparable.  When Magnus died, he had a soul, but not one that would move on into the afterlife, because technically he was born with part of Crowley's soul.  Crowley's soul had already moved on, so Magnus was left in the mortal realm.  
During a trip to Egypt that I took in the 60s, I came acorns this entity.  He was floating around looking for purpose, because he had already left his mortal body behind.  Well, when he left it, it turned back into cow manure.  His soul remained intact, in Egypt, where Aleister had created him.  In a conjuring technique, I conjured Magnus into this ring.  Now, he is physically and spiritually connected to whomever uses this ring to develop a psychic bond to him.  
When you develop a psychic bond to Magnus, you are gaining a ton of information.  He holds the magical ability to grant anything that you ask of him.  This is because of all the magic that Aleister gave him.  During Aleister's life, when he needed something granted to him, he simply asked Magnus.  This is because he knew Magnus had knowledge of all the same magic that he did.  He created Magnus that way.  Now, Magnus is going to work this way for you.  He can grant you any power that you ask of him.  He can birth any entity.  He can share with you any of the ancient Egyptian powers that were given to Aleister Crowley by Aiwass.  Any magic that you can think off, simply ask Magnus.  He will find a way to grant it for you.  If he doesn't already know, he will search the realms to bring you the power that you have asked for.  
Magnus Occultus is the best magical assistant that I have come across in a while.  When he can grant you anything you want, there is no reason to want anything else!


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