Crowley's Mourning Beads, Connection to the Unknown

Crowley's Mourning Beads, Connection to the Unknown

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There is a lot of unknown things, but perhaps one of the greatest mysteries is the entity known as Aiwass.  Aiwass was first found by Aleister Crowley in the Pyramids.  Having said that, he could have been found at any time.  Aiwass has always been here and always will be here.  He waited until the right person came along at the right time and them exposes himself.  Aiwass is a great entity that holds the secrets of the pyramids, but so many people think he only holds the secrets of the pyramids and that isn't true.  Aiwass is an ancient entity who might have been born of the powers in the pyramids, but he is a multidimensional being.  That is because he isn't earth-born like the rest of us.  He was born of energies that were set into place by the aliens who delivered the pyramids.  Aiwass is actually a reincarnation that was simply reborn on Earth to spread knowledge to the humans that lived here.

Aiwass is a free-moving entity that is not bound by physical means.  He hasn't a body and he hasn't a shape.  He is simply a conglomeration of knowledge that has become a life form.  When meeting Aleister Crowley, part of this knowledge form was given to him, which is how Aleister Crowley became enlightened.  He figured out how to connect with Aiwass and Aiwass gave him infinite knowledge of many things.  Since Aiwass is knowledge and knowledge is a recording of everything thing that has happened in the past, there is nothing that Aiwass does not know and there is nothing that he cannot reveal.  There is no magic that can hide from him and there is no power that goes unnoticed.  Knowledge knows everything.  Aiwass is Knowledge.  Therefore, Aiwass knows everything as well.  

What are we offering?  This is an antique morning necklace.  It has bee created with a very small amount of Aleister Crowley's blood after his death.  So what does this mean for you?  This means that you are going to receive Aleister's ability to connect to Aiwass.  Sure, he can give you all of the knowledge of the pyramids, their history, their magic, where they came from, etc.  However, think outside of the box with this one.  This piece will allow you to know whatever you want to know.  You will be able to see whatever you want to see.  Your experiences are unlimited and the magic that you can create using this piece is infinite.  All you have to do is wear the item and meditate with it.  Allow Aleister's essence to live inside of your body and call forth the ancient entity Aiwass.  Tell him what you want from him and he will do it because you are wearing his partner's blood.    



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