Crucifixion of the Soul
Crucifixion of the Soul

Crucifixion of the Soul

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This piece was once held captive in the Vatican Archives for fear of the power that it could grant somebody if it fell into the wrong hands.  Either that or the Catholic church just has this chip on their shoulder that they should be the only people that have any kind of magical power ever.  I'm going to go with the latter.  I'm not saying this is all Catholics, obviously.  It's only the super powerful ones that hold all the power.  They've existed throughout history and they even found the Rosicrucian Knights, who often went on expeditions to detain pieces like this.  

So you're probably wondering what's so special about this piece that the Catholic church is all up in arms about it.  This piece holds the blood of Christ from the cross.  As he bled out and suffered on the cross, his blood dripped down the cross.  It was collected by various random people who wanted to perform miracles.  

The blood that went into making this piece was kept in a vial for a very long time.  In fact, this piece wasn't made until recently.  By recently I mean within the last ten years, give or take.  That's recently compared to how long the blood went untouched.  

This gives you the power of the spiritual crucifixion.  Your soul will undergo spiritual death and in three days will be given a new life.  You will still be yourself, but once your soul is raised on the third day, just as Christ was raised on the third day, you will become super powerful.  

You will be given a Christ knowledge that includes the presence of all of his life cycles from when he was created, to his lifecycle at Melchizedek, to his crucifixion as the Messiah, to everything in between.  You will se through his eyes as if you have become him.  You will be given the ability to perform all of his miracles.  You will be given authority over all magic and powers and dominion over all creatures and beings.  You will command then simply by speaking.  You can create miracles by speaking them into existence.  The angels will obey your every command and you can use them to complete anything you desire to be done.  

This piece is very powerful, so you can see how the Catholics are forlorn over losing.  Oh well.  Their loss.  Your gain.  Use this piece for the right reasons.  God will be watching.  

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