Cryptid: the Sanguine Agenda

Cryptid: the Sanguine Agenda

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We acquired this power during an investigation in Alabama.  Without boring you with all the details of the investigation, I will simply tell you that we found this original piece in a family mausoleum.  It was buried with the eldest member of the family in the early 1800s.  We came to find it after complaints by a nearby community of strange sounds coming from the nearby burial site.  

It didn't take us long to realize that the strange sound was grave robber trying to saw their way through a steel coffin.  They left their tools there, after apparently leaving in a hurry.  Something scared them off, but I think we know what it was. 

Getting close enough to the steel casket allows for a very vivid psychic impression on the mind.  The reason is that the original artifact that we found in the coffin belonged to a Louisiana vampire hunter.  It had been buried and shut in the coffin with the hunter and sealed with a spell.  After gaining a connection with the piece, it gave us a spell to reverse the one that closed the coffin. 

We were able to open the coffin and find the original artifact, the powers of which have been transferred into this piece.  There are six ancient vampires that are set into this piece.  The reason we transferred them is that this piece is a cross and will keep them at bay and under your control. 

These six vampires will bring you all the original powers of a sanguine vampire like hypnosis, mind control, healing, psychic powers, strength, speed, etc.  Each of these six is also embedded with one unique sanguine power that is more powerful than regular sanguine vampire powers.  These powers are incredibly strong.  You will unlock these six powers when you get this piece.  I am not at liberty to say what they are, but you will be very pleased with these six unique pieces.  

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