Crystal Dimensions

Crystal Dimensions

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This piece holds an ageless power that has been given to it by a cave in Pennsylvania called Crystal Cave. This cave was discovered and founded by two German farmers William Merkel and John Gehret. It was later sold to one Samuel Kohler who began charging 25 cents for admission.

Although it has never been officially documented the cave is well-known to locals for its healing properties, both spiritual and physical. We have sent this piece to spend some time in the caves and we have gotten back more than what we have bargained for.

Not only does this piece do minor physical healing, but it also does spiritual healing. When used for spiritual healing, this piece takes the person who is using the piece to a place called the crystal dimensions. These crystal dimensions are an energetic anomaly that records all of history. As history grows, so do the crystal dimensions. The only entranceway to this special hall of records is through a spiritual door in the Crystal Caves in Pennsylvania. As such, this is a very rare magic.

With this spiritual "healing" you gain the ability to see the whole of history and to gain the powers and magic that you want, simply by visiting a place in time that will allow you to do so. You will simply speak to the energies in the piece and tell them what powers you most desire. They will allow you to see a date and tie where the powers that you want are occurring, that way you can place those powers into your piece to use later!

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