Crystal Levitator with accessed Pyramid power ( underground auction)

Crystal Levitator with accessed Pyramid power ( underground auction)

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This piece is a Superbrain piece and holds a time camera for the brain, Crystal Levitation for the soul and the rarely accessed Pyramid power of the spoken Gods.

This pendant is 14k gold with a real Earth Crystal and a real Peridot. Inside the crystal is also real bands of gold. This is the only piece I have like this and it originally came from Modern Humans in California a now long gone society of super spiritual technology.

The time camera uses your eyes to see of course but to also see into the future. You may also wear this pendant and take pictures with a regular camera which is how most members of that society did use it.

The crystal levitation end of it teaches your soul to be able to reach other dimensional and universal heights to escape the prison of the body. This is done so that you may totally connect with healing, psychic ability and supernatural entities that are only helpful to you, not harmful. This is the same as reaching ascention.

The hidden pyramid power allows for masters and Gods to directly teach you magic and increase your minds power and ability. This would include but not be limited to telepathy, mind healing and connectivity to all elements.

This is one of a kind piece and I can't get another one.

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