Crystal Skull Shaman Ring

Crystal Skull Shaman Ring

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We are calling this piece the crystal shaman ring because it was most recently used by a modern-day Mayan Shaman in order to practice his magic from day to day. In actuality, the ring is much more recent than the genuine stone that has been set with in. The ring is sterling. The stone? We aren't exactly what kind of stone this is. We want t call it some kind of milky crystal, but we just really aren't sure. What we can tell you is that this stone is a literally a "chip of the old block." In saying that what I mean is that it was once part of a "crystal skull" that served as the primary source of power in a temple that belonged to the ancient Mayans. The temple is one that goes by the name Temple of Souls. Although there has been nothing proven and we didn't go on an investigation for this one, it is said that the temple is home to thousands of souls that have been conjured by the past Mayans as a means of creating their own magic and to see the future.

The crystal skull that was situated in the center shrine at the Temple of Souls was eventually looted and changed hands several times before falling into the hands of a sorcerer who eventually broke it apart and had the pieces sanded smooth so that he could make jewelry out of the pieces. This is one of the pieces that were made. We got it at one of the underground venues we went to. It wasn't the one coming up, it was something smaller and a bit closer to home that we traveled to a few months back. When using this piece is brings you the presence of soul energy. This isn't just a small amount of soul energy. Rather, this is literally the soul energy of thousands of souls.

Aside from being able to conjure the dead and other types of energies, the soul energy in this piece is so powerul that it will allow you to use the energies to create your own powers. In order to do this all you have to do is cast thought projections into the piece. The piece will read these thoughts and then create the power that you ask of it. Remember, this piece was created from a real crystal skull, which was the speakers of truth. As such, when you cast your thought magic into this piece, the skull attributes that remain in this piece will "speak" your magic into creation and it will be set into this for future use by you.

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