Cuneiform Magic | STAR
Cuneiform Magic | STAR

Cuneiform Magic | STAR

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Cuneiform is the oldest known form of writing and it's essentially exactly what you might be thinking; a serious of simplistic symbols that make up the alphabet that are to be written in sequence to spell out words, terms or phrases... However, you'd then only be partially correct. There are very few authentic items upon which this ancient form of writing is written. It is old and lost now, at least in practice, but it was once used only to document absolutely important events. Few knew how to write or read it so when it was used, it was either with the future in mind or with it in mind that no one would be able to comprehend it and thus their secrets were safe. To this day, it isn't quite difficult to find someone that knows the Cuneiform alphabet but that can be said as well for Egyptian hieroglyphics. Many know the alphabet but when it comes to other symbols, you have to seek out professional help. The issue with Cuneiform that isn't quite the issue with hieroglyphics is that it is a dead form of writing. Very few know much more than the alphabet and then their knowledge becomes staggeringly limited.

Among the very few things that have withstood the test of time, there is a two black obelisks upon one of which over 1,000 ancient spells and rituals are written and section off in neat combs while the other is mostly made up of events. However, they are related to one another and described much of the same things but in different ways. Some of the obelisks are damaged, so there are even more that were likely there before but are now lost. It was created some time during 8,000 B.C.E. and it is not explicitly clear what all of it says but we do know that most of the spells and magic that we know are being described are conducted by forms of magic that are no longer practiced. In fact, the obelisks are largely covered in magic that became extinct somewhere during or near 7,000 B.C.E. That isn't to say that the magic or ability to perform it is entirely lost but it is difficult to hunt down spirits from that time, particularly because not all spirits are eternal. Some do expire, become reincarnated after a period of time or they are to old and powerful for modern magic to conjure. Sometimes even when you do manage to figure out a way to bring one of them to you, they refuse to communicate with you. Dealing with magic as old as this is really not an easy thing.

That being said, that is also why it has taken us so long to cover investigate and test the piece associated with the two black obelisks. That and the cuneiform is damaged in some places so it has been one big case of trial and error because the magic is older than the writing and the writing itself doesn't explain it well.

The obelisk with documented events describes the stone itself being crafted by a superior form - a deity - that descended from the sky bearing a hollow face and wings that shaded the sun effectively enough to almost give the illusion of night. As he descended, before he touched the ground, he took the form of a mortal. Despite appearing to be mortal, they were still viewed, treated and followed like a God. The obelisk quotes the being as foretelling the birth of a Holy child who will become a man before dying by the hands of those he loves - the people. The stone also describes foretellings of multiple attempted 'ascensions' from 'dwellers beneath' and then one successful ascension from 'below'. We are not entirely sure what this means but we do think it mentions Lucifer based on some of the obscure details. We are, however, not certain. The obelisk also mentions a timeless item. It words in such a way that suggests, during the time of the obelisk itself being written, the item had not yet existed but it would come to exist and it would rest in the center of what appears to be an nail - one referenced as a holy nail or relic.

As the obelisk mentions both Jesus and a nail that is otherwise referenced as a holy relic, we naturally thought of a multitude of religious items. We first thought about the Holy Lance but we knew that it couldn't be that. We have intimately handled and tested the Lance - if there was something hidden inside of it, we would've known. We ended up discovering this piece in the center of the base of a holy nail relic. It was not just any normal relic, it was jeweled and well preserved. We also did not need to destroy it to retrieve the piece - it merely sat inside of it.

We are not certain when it was created or for how long it was in the nail. We also do not know how most of the information placed upon these obelisks were as accurate as they are or who exactly the being was that prophecized it all. Regardless, when we rediscovered the item, when we first came in contact with it, we did receive visions of the being that had descended and he was very similar to how he was described on the tablets. He appeared as a mortal only temporarily and then he did appear as the image of one whose wings were large enough to create the illusion of night. We are not certain, but we believe that the being may very well be God himself because it only makes sense with all of the information that he provided.

The item itself brings more visions like this. It establishes a telepathic connection that allows a powerful and effective full psychic awakening. It is almost the equivalent of being a holy prophet who channels visions directly from the realm of Heaven. We have used this peace to confirm many religious suspicions as truth. It also allows the ability to discern faux magic from authentic white light magic, which you can draw in and use for yourself. It is powerful and it is effective. It is an authentic holy relic.

This piece is sterling silver with 11 blue topaz inside of it. You will wear this whenever you are conducting any forms of magic. There is only one clip on the piece that is not sterling to our knowledge. The stones may look green but they are actually blue.

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