Curse of 1,000 Souls
Curse of 1,000 Souls

Curse of 1,000 Souls

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So legends of the Amarok have been haunting the Inuit people since the beginning of time.  It is the story of a giant wolf that roams around in the deep woods waiting to hunt down and devour anyone who is crazy enough to venture out into the woods alone.  The part of the legend that is often left out is the fact that the Amarok is not just a wolf.  He used to be a human, but after selling his soul to the dark lords for immortality, he must roam the woods a wolf until he collects 1,000 souls for the dark lords.  He is a werewolf who can change at will and often takes the form of a human to lure people into the woods in the first place
This piece summoners the presence of the Amarok, in order to provide you with the ability to become an at-will shape-shifter.  However, you will not be restricted to becoming a wolf.  You can shape-shift into any living being that can physically lay your hands on.  A cat?  An owl?  the possibilities are literally endless.  If you can touch it, you can become it.  

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