Dancer in the Tree

Dancer in the Tree

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The entity that is housed in this piece is extremely powerful. Yes, this is a spirited item. This is for those of you who like spirited items. If you don't like spirited items, this piece should still probably be for you, because of how powerful it is. You will seriously be hard-pressed to find a piece of this type that is quite as magical or as powerful. The magic in this piece defies all bounds and this is mostly because the entity that is kept within is not from this plane of reality. I'd be lying if I said that I know exactly what realm she was from. She kind of doesn't say too much. She's more of a dancer, but more on that later.

This entity exists somewhere between our realm and the outer limits of the universe. She has seen all and she knows all. That is because she is a daughter of the tree. She is also a Dancer of the Tree. This is the true Tree of Knowledge. It's not affiliated religious or to a certain culture. In fact, it is not a tree at all. It is a network of knowledge and pure power that satiates the universe and comes directly from the hub of knowledge that exists at the center of the universe. It has many branches and resembles a tree, which is why it is called a tree. It is where all other versions of the Tree of Life originate from.

When you own this piece, the Dancer of the Tree will reveal herself to you. She does a special dance that is like the Dance of the Seven Veils, but not sexual in any way shape or form. The dance is meant to entrance those who watch it, to put them in an astral state that will allow them to travel along the branches of the tree into the hub of knowledge. All knowledge exists in this hub because time is recorded there. It is recorded in nodules as it happens and when you travel there you can psychically connect to them and receive whatever form of knowledge that you choose to receive.

Once you are psychically connected to these nodules, the knowledge is yours to keep. In this way, you are able to gain the knowledge and any form of magic that has ever come to pass. This includes any form of magic that has ever been created or practiced on Earth, but it also includes magic from throughout the universe and from many different classes of beings the races that exist within those classes. I can't really describe these powers other than to say they are foreign, because there are no words in any human language that really describe them because there is nothing like it on Earth. That's how in-depth this piece can get. It is super involved and super powerful.

Aside from being ultra-powerful, this piece is made from sterling and real gemstone.  

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