Dark Crystal of Thoth | STAR
Dark Crystal of Thoth | STAR
Dark Crystal of Thoth | STAR
Dark Crystal of Thoth | STAR

Dark Crystal of Thoth | STAR

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The Dark Crystal, when in possession of any particular being, was designed to adapt instantly to the structure of their body, including on a cellular level. Due to its ability to bond so well, it could inspire the manifestation of magic that would otherwise be incredibly difficult to sustain in just a normal human body. The reason this was possible was because it wasn't that the body of the being was being forced to change - the soon-to-be-vessel was never to touched - it was the crystal itself that was versatile. The crystal would alter it's own power signature to align perfectly with the person or creature that was in possession of it. It would act almost exactly like a part of the body that had been there all along, like a power, magic or presence that the being had been born with.

It would have otherwise literally bled them of energy, likely causing sudden death. The reason for this is because the power itself is designed for higher entities, ones of which there are usually only a singular existence with a purpose that thus require said magic or power to fulfill their purposes. It's just kind of in the way magic works. Sometimes it's dangerous to mess with the magic of beings of a higher tier strictly because of that fact. That being said, that is why the Dark Crystal of Thoth, otherwise known as the Thoth Stone, is both valuable and dangerous all at once. It is power we probably wouldn't know how to use either. Playing God is harder than it looks.

Among some of these powers were the abilities to embody the evil eye completely, the power of which is immense. It could mean the difference between life and death in one glance. It could mean the complete destruction of something in the blink of an eye. It could inspire creation the second the individual so much as thinks of it and chooses that they want it to exist. The Dark Crystal could birth entities, the specifics of which were also the exact desires of the one creating it. It could cause annihilation of structures, including buildings or towns. It could include the controlling or shifting of matter. It could birth physical creatures - replicas of those that already exist or ones completely unique, which would become a brand new species. It could derive unique forms of energy, magic or power that, even if they would otherwise be impossible to exist properly, would be designed to exist perfectly within our realm because that is the exact nature of what the Dark Crystal specializes in; defying 'impossible'.

There are even writings that suggest, a holder of the actual Dark Crystal of Thoth was once used to shift the moon out of place. Like I said, we don't really know about that last one but we do know that everything else before it is very true and extremely possible with this particular crystal.

The crystal however, is no longer in existence as a whole but there are fragments of it that contain emulations of its original power.

It was shattered into pieces by a priest who, in an effort to restore his idea of balance, had completely relinquished his power and life in an attempt to destroy the crystal itself. He believed that no man or woman should possess power that he thought only fit for God himself - God who decides anything and everything that goes on in the world he created. That being said, he did shatter the crystal and he did die for it, the fragments of which did absorb his magic. It is unclear whether or not he knew for certain that this would happen or if it had been a desperate attempt to serve his beliefs but the fragments remain in tact and we have evidence to believe that, if every fragment of the stone were collected and reunited, the Dark Crystal would reform and its complete original powers would be restored.

This occurred quite some time ago and, to our knowledge, all of the fragments have not been found. However, we do have one of them in our possession and it rests in the center of the stone within this piece.

This particular piece consists of the essence of just one of the crystal fragments, which was absorbed into the piece when it was shattered. It remains extremely powerful even though it only possesses a fraction of the power output of the original crystal. Originally, when this took place, and the priest wearing this piece, as we said, had been slain along with the destruction of the Dark Crystal, the power - including that of the priest - had been absorbed and we think that that is actually why this item is able to exist as it does.

When in possession of it, it has lost a significant amount of its lethal capabilities but it is still very powerful. It can be used to generate new magic and to think powers into existence. It can be used to empower magic that you may already possess or to feed off it in order to generate something more. It can be used to birth spirits, which you can specify the exact logistics of, including their appearance and power. You cannot make use of the evil eye properly and we believe that this is due to the crystal being shattered. However, you can still tap into it, which is what makes this item rather intense to use. You can inspire instant karma. You can bestow bad luck or misfortune upon those who have wronged you. You can hear them speak but also hear what they truly mean behind what they say. You can see into their minds easily, during which nothing will be blocked off from you either. As a whole, this piece is very powerful and, given how lucky we were to find it, how, to our knowledge, only two other shards from the original crystal have been found.

This piece is platinum over sterling silver with niassa ruby. Size 7.


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