Dead Man's Hand

Dead Man's Hand

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Sometimes death magic can be dangerous. Other times it yields the perfect results. This piece is an example of the latter and it holds an old pirate spell that used to be cast on the days that they sailed the seven seas in search of lost treasure to make them very wealthy. This spell was usually cast by witches that they would take on their voyages with them, who decided that living the pirate life was much better than the fate they had coming to them if the church found out they were witches. With the help of the witches, pirate captains such as Red Beard, Ching Shih, Sam Bellamy, Black Caesar, Anne Bonny, William Kidd and many other pirates that you can recall hearing the names of embarked upon adventures that would more times than not turn up scores o lost treasure and wealth. This was made possible with a spell called the Dead Man's Hand. This sounds a little bit more grotesque than it actually sounds, although the actual ritual of casting the spell did require a live human hand. A little-known fact is that this is why so many pirates wore hooks. I'm not saying all of them, but definitely, some of them wore hooks as a result of having to give up a hand to cast the Dead Man's Hand spell.

So, the Dead Man's Hand was a way of conjuring past pirate captains who had died at sea to guide the current pirate captain to success in finding the treasures they craved. Again, this a pretty reliable spell as long as the witch that was casting it knew what she was doing. This is the spell that this piece holds, except in modern times it obviously isn't going to lead you into a pirate ship to sail the seven seas. Instead, the Dead Man's Hand is used these days as a way to bring wealth to your life. It will guide you to wealth as well as bring wealth to you from the astral realms. It will bring wealth throughout all areas of your life but works especially well in the business sector of life. That's why this piece is extra effective for those who are small business owners, play the stock market, or have some type of other investment that they want to earn money on. Let this piece and the guidance of dozens of spirits lead you to the success and wealth in your life that you deserve.

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