Death Sentence
Death Sentence
Death Sentence
Death Sentence

Death Sentence

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Did France condemn its own soldiers to death? Why of course "not" ----

Blast-test dummies were used in the Algerian desert in 1960 to see the effects on the dolls when they were faced with an atomic fireball. But the French military also wanted to test the long-term effects of radiation, so just 35 minutes after the huge mushroom cloud rose into the sky over the Algerian desert, just 900 feet from ground zero, French soldiers were sent in~!

The soldiers made their way through the contaminated wasteland without protective clothing. What they don't know -- and the world was not meant to learn -- is that they are part of an experiment, one the French government denied up until just 3 years ago!

In 2010, files describing France's 1960's aboveground nuclear bomb testing reached the public: The aim of Operation Blue Jeroba was to examine the effects of atomic weapons on humans and the environment.

France had deliberately exposed its soldiers to radioactive contamination. Only 10% of the men present at the 17 bomb tests remained healthy; many developed cancer, and many of their children were born with deformities!!!

Despite all of this, the government refused to compensate the victims, citing lack of evidence -- which no longer worked when the files were made public, a revelation that is costing France hundreds of millions of dollars.

** With all the "testing" that is going on in the world, we wanted to obtain amulets of power that will generate protection from all catastrophic endeavors that are being "tested" around us. There are always secret endowments of dangerous tactics being utilized without the knowledge of the commoners.

These pieces are a powerful protection piece that will help keep you out of the line of government decisions that could cause you a death sentence like that of the French soldiers!!

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