Deathless Ones
Deathless Ones
Deathless Ones
Deathless Ones

Deathless Ones

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The piece your looking at is 500 years old and still intact. This is the original piece. We have tried to duplicate it to no avail. While we wait for this to sell we will still try to capture whatever it is that creates this piece. Through research that has lasted quite some time and reading ancient tomes in languages we had to decipher we found something. This term kept coming up, the Deathless Ones.  While we don't know where they stemmed from we do keep coming up with a handmaiden. This woman gave birth to various kings and queens. It seems she changed her appearance often to keep circulating around royals. It wasn't just royals or people of nobility that she worked for, she would also pick random people. It was after she picked them that the female would become unable to carry a child. This would then set her up in position to carry the child for the woman.  She would move in as a friend or neighbor and become close with the family. She worked both the husband and wife gaining confidence for the work she wanted. She wanted a pregnancy.

While we know why we don't know how the supernatural came to be. She would carry the child as a handmaiden would and deliver it herself. We do know that she didn't kill them and the babies did survive. We believe it was something supernatural about her body. Again we believe but don't know. Even while this is on we are still researching. We know it's safe because we have followed many trails and bloodlines and they lived. We just don't know how she did it.

We have tested the piece but to be honest it's hard to find testers. They must be into what your doing and make a profound decision to become immortal. I myself have not tested it but I keep getting pushed to do so. What we have found out is this is immortality with no strings. You design what you want and it has nothing to do with vampirism. The only thing vampire related is the ability to live into eternity.

Again through research which was hard, we found bits and pieces of knowledge and learned quite a bit. On one entry we read it gave a full account of a Deathless One, if it hadn't been for that we still today would not know how to put this piece to action.

How it works and your buying options, because there are options.

To become a Deathless one you must prepare. There is no pain only well thought out plans before you begin.

To begin you must design your eternity which is really quite easy. You decide the power you would like for your eternity. For a example you will decide on things like safety from discovery which I recommend for everyone. You would then pick things like telepathic ability, hypnotic ability, healing and wealth. Those are the things I would pick for my own reasons. For each thing you want equals one drop of water in the container. You will call out the power as you place it in. When your done you will then add 6 more drops, wait exactly 2 minutes and add 2 more. Use a timer! You don't need to be totally exact but just showing you take it seriously.

What you can not do with it. You can not grant immortality to others, they must decide for themselves and pay for it.

Your payment options.

Price 5,000 and your only borrowing it. 15,000 and your keeping it. If your keeping it you may use it on others and allow them to become immortal as well. The above instructions MUST be followed for everyone becoming immortal.

Safeguards are in place. To think you can borrow it and do you and your friends and family will not work. No changes will happen and they will live and die like mortals. Trickery is not dealt out by me if you attempt it but by the supernatural power that guides it. Warning, don't attempt it!

To purchase you will let me know your full name and birthdate. This will be sent priority mail and must be signed for. Your mailing address must match your PayPal address. So if your thinking of purchasing make sure your info is up to date. You will need to let me know which purchase option your seeking. As more knowledge becomes available we will let the buyer or buyer know.

As of outcomes now on the 4 who did test. They are indeed immortal. They did get what they wanted as immortal power as well.

Immortality takes place immediately. The powers build up to what you want them to be.

This is a serious decision to make. If you decide on this you will leave your family at some point. You will have to move around every 10 plus years. You will never marry. If you decide to own it you can allow your family to be Deathless ones but you would all still have to move every 10 years or so because you won't age. It's just something to consider.

This is not like the one we had before. It looks like it but it is not the same item. The stone is different in this piece. It is a different color.

Please contact Dee Dee through e-mail on how you want to purchase this item and then the price will be adjust for you.

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