Dee Dee’s Life Coach Service, shit gets real!

Dee Dee’s Life Coach Service, shit gets real!

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If you want your life to get real and straighten it out, you need me. Why do you need me?

I’m not going to lie to you. You are going to work to get better or I will take your face off! There are no cuddles and soft spoken words when your screwing up! I’m going to say to your face what others are saying behind your back. 

Advice you might receive can vary as my goal is to get you to be your best. You will sparkle shine and rise to the occasion of life. If you listen.

If your getting no where with men or can’t seem to have a lasting relationship you might be screwing up! Are you opening your legs like a toll booth takes dollars?  Do you tell them by the third date you love them? Do you introduce him to your kids as the new daddy? These are blocks to your happiness. Also do you happen to laugh like a hyena? I hate that kind of laugh. I can work on all of those things.  Is your breath bad? Are you cross eyed? Do you know how to dress for all occasions? Do you keep your vagina sparking clean? 

is work a problem? Personal issues can effect how work and climbing the professional ladder goes for you. 

Are you a guy who can’t keep a girl? Is your penis small? We can work on that. Trust me, when I’m done she won’t leave you. Do you wear knee socks, spit on the ground, eat with your mouth open, burp loudly in public?  Are you considered by others to be a fuck-knuckle? Are people laughing at you and not with you. 

Are you even aware that you get on other people’s nerves? Do you feel you have a problem? 

Take my quiz to find out if you need me.

Do people turn you down when you invite them places?

Do you ever get a promotion?

Do restaurants seat you in the back? 

Do women sleep with you more than once?

Do women sleep with you if they are not drunk? 

Do men escape as soon as you sleep with them? 

Does your own family try to act like they don’t know you?

Do you only have one friend or zero friends?

While others are getting invites to after work parties do they act like they forgot you?

Do you have a problem finding your own penis?

Do you still live with your parents?

Could you be a geek or nerd? If your a nerd we charge more money. That’s 75.00 an hour.


We suggest a minimum of three sessions but Four is best. Of course it depends on the individual. You will get homework and things you must do to fix you. The first session takes about two hours.

I can get you living the life you want! After I do that I will congratulate you. 

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