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Today we have a lot of sevices going on. Many people ask for different things so sometimes it takes us a while but we do get on it. Today we will have this one, the Demonic parasite removal, Angelic Service, MK ULTRA deprogramming, Sacred Soulmate Bonding, Demonic influence block, Sexual transformation piece and, well that is it. The rest will be pieces of variosu magics offered.

The demonic parasite removal is just what it  says. This will drive out anything that is in you or hanging around your home. This is for the person who is seriously under the influence of darkness of which they have no control. This is a service that is done AND it comes with a piece that is not religious looking because it can't be. Remember demons are not stupid and have been around much longer then you. The deal with this service is it doesn't have to be a demon but a negative demonic influence but if it is a demon that too will be taken care of.

Recently I came from a meeting where we as psychic get together and go over world matters. We discuss everything from war to wealth and back to what is going on in society. The outlook is not bright! We also as a collective group together saw that more then 50 percent of the people are under some type of demonic influence. I know you may find that hard to believe but if you do just take the time to talk to some people you don't know, get to know them and you will realize people are just not normal anymore! I'm not even talking about political stuff either I'm talking about just how seriously people are fucked up.

I swear to God as I type this up I'm being attacked and that is because these types of demonic spirits love it when you are kept in the dark. I have something trying so hard to prevent this from going up that it is insane. Many may not believe in demons and that is not my problem, either way this is the listing and many will be working on this if it is something you decide to do.

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