Demonius Stone

Demonius Stone

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This piece siphons the power of a relic called the demonius stone.  The demonius stone is a relic that was created by the hand of Satan and his dark forces, placed into the human realm for them to discover.  It was later discovered by one of Jesus' apostles and taken to the angels to be delivered to God. 


For centuries this stone has been locked and hidden away in the Ark of the Covenant because the power that was used to create it was super powerful.  It was able to release an evil in the world that could potentially destroy a lot of souls.  EvidentlyGod thought it would be better locked up.


This was until dark forces learned how to activate a homing spell on the piece, redirecting the power to its origins.  It was then set back into the mortal realm.  It was there for a few thousand years until we found it just recently on an investigation. 


We siphoned the powers from the demonius stone into this piece.  It gives you a very dual magic.  It allows you to summon angels and demons for their powers.  However, it also allows you to eat evil.  The reason it holds this ability is because it spent so much time in the Ark of the Covenant that the white powers have also spontaneously be absorbed by the once entirely dark power.  It has created dual magic and can be used as such.  

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