Die Anderugen  The Second Coming plus info on dolls.

Die Anderugen The Second Coming plus info on dolls.

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We acquired this piece during an investigation that we did in Germany.  If you know anything about the German's, then you know that they were very into occult magic, especially dark magic.  Although the history books will never tell you this, half of the reason that Hitler started massacring the Jews was so that way he could use their blood and life energy to create his dark magic.  After all, he was certifiably a genius.  He may have had a few screws loose, but so did Albert Einstein.  Geniuses usually turn out one way or the other.  Hitler had a darkness about him, obviously.  
This piece comes from a place called Beelitz-Heilstatten.  It is a sprawling, abandoned hospital complex in Beelitz, Germany that once served Adolf Hitler during WWI.  Situated in East Germany, it has long been shut down, awaiting a new fate.  In the meantime, it has been overgrown with weeds and vines and it looks like one of those place that would hold a sign saying, "Abandon Hope all ye who enter here!"  However, we didn't mind so much abandoning the hope of the mortal world, if it would prove fruitful for the metaphysical.  
Upon entering the building, the passageways and corridors were lit well by the afternoon sunshine.  The place was in quite the state of disarray, with the paint peeling off the walls.  Things were scattered to and fro, as if people just stopped what they were doing, dead in their tracks, to get out of the hospital.  Dare I say, that it kind of looked like, and felt like, that they needed to make a run for it.  They needed to get out.  They needed to escape.  Escape they did.  Well some of them.  Some of them didn't make it.  They were patients of a mad scientist that staff and the nurses called the doctor.  Trust me, when you're in Beelitz, you never want to hear the phrase, "the doctor's in."  It pretty much means you will be tortured and mutilated until you die.  I mean, it's what the Germans did.  They were, one again, about dark arts an "scientific" research.  I use that term scientific sparingly, because there seemed to be an awful lot of magic involved during these "science experiments."  
We meandered down several hallways and passageways, until we came to a double a door, on the right side of an especially dim lit hallway.  We tried the door, but it was locked.  It would budge.  Deedee used some type of psychic ability that she had to open the door, but what we saw on the other side, we weren't prepared for.  Blood was splattered everywhere on the walls of the chamber.  Weird tools were strewn about the floor and on table.  The place ha a foul smelling odor, almost to the point where I felt like I was suffocating.  The energy was so thick that you could have cut it with a knife and served in on a sandwich.  It wasn't a good place.  
As we investigated the scene, I came across a book entitled "die Anderugen", which is German for "the Modifications."  Paging through the book, I couldn't believe my eyes at some of what I was seeing.  There were drawings-- diagrams-- of body modifications and manipulations that "the Doctor" had planned on performing on people.  There were pages of photographs of some of the experiments that he had already performed-- people with extra limbs, people who had been given an extra ocular cavity, people who had the dead head of somebody else surgically sown on their necks, giving them an extra head.  I mean, the stuff I found in die Anderugen were horrific.  
During this whole experience, I couldn't help feeling as if there was somebody watching me.  I know I get paranoid sometimes, but this was different.  I could actually feel the gaze of eyes staring upon me.  Once or twice I swear I even felt the hot breath of somebody breathing down the back of my neck.  It was a creepy feeling.  When I made my way to the corner of the room, the feeling became much stronger.  It was almost too much to take.  I heard someone whisper my named, "Steeeeeve."  This is when I turned and saw the doll sitting there.  She was quiet and far as I could tell hadn't uttered a word, but the energies coming from this doll were enough to make my paranormal radar pop like an old school mercury thermometer.  She was off my charts.  This is why we took the doll with in the first place.  We wouldn't have taken her, but I just knew that there was something about her.  My mind told me that I needed to take her, to figure out what was going on with her. 
I left Beelitz hospital with the doll in tow.  There was no way that I was going to leave her behind, not after I heard her-- and I know it was her-- call my name like that.  What was it that she wanted to tell me?  Why had he called me out like that?  It didn't take me long to figure out, because it didn't take me long to make a connection to this doll.  It was as if she needed me to find out about her so that way I could help her, which I did eventually do.  After a few weeks of examinations with this doll, just to make sure that I was doing the right thing, I felt confident enough to do an extraction spell.  
I discovered that the doll holds the spirit of a young girl.  Well she was young at the time of her death, anyway.  What did she die of?  Well, after a brain transplant gone wrong she hemorrhaged to death, bleeding out on the floor of the very chamber that we had visited in Beelitz.  On her end, there was nothing wrong with her brain.  They Doctor simply wanted to use her body as a transplant vessel, probably due to the fact that she was young and had a lot of life left.  The brain she was to receive?  Well this was a mummified brain that had been taken from a place in Germany known as the Tomb of the Witch.  The witch, said to have been caught and buried sometime during the witch trials, has been mummified ever since.  Why she wasn't burned, I'm not sure.
The thoughts of the Doctor were as such-- if he extracted the brain out of the witch's mummy, replaced in into the young girl, her blood would pump through it and bring it back to life.  Astoundingly, there was actually a brain left.  Most of the time they do natural things, like decompose.  I guess these rules don't apply when you aren't dealing with mortals.  The Doctor's theory was correct, and brought the witch's brain back to life.  Since it was the girl's blood feeding it, the brain still holds the girls life memories, but the subconscious part of the brain holds the knowledge of the witch that it once belonged to.  It didn't take long for the brain to begin bleeding.  It was much to large to maintained and withheld in the small girl whose body was being used to house it. 
For a few weeks, however, the girl had become the most powerful entity that the Doctor had ever restored.  She was able to recall things from parts of history that no young girl would have been part of.  Her magic was unparalleled to anything that the Doctor had ever seen.  She could open portals, create magic, summon the stars for their magic, she could create entities over which she held full control, she could cast any spell that she chose, she could move things across the room with the flick of a hand, she could see anybody's future simply by holding their hand in hers, she could change the future if she wanted to.  She had binding magic that held all other entities-- evil or otherwise-- at bay.  They couldn't touch her.  She has the ability to show the past and the future, and to create fire on a whim.  She knows the ancient language of the dead and can recant conjuring spells and spells of the dead from memory.  She was literally the most powerful witch the Doctor had ever seen.  To be honest, she might be the most powerful witch that I have ever experienced myself.  
Before the death of the young body, in which the witch's brain had been set, the entire entity-- young girl, witch's brain-- was conjured into this doll.  This is the doll that I encountered during our investigation.  It makes wonder exactly how long it had been there.  It makes me wonder if Hitler had ever encountered it.  Had he been part of it?  The answer to these questions looms, because there is no way to know.  The fact of the matter is that for whatever reason the Doctor decided to create her, she was extremely powerful.  I can't see why he simply let this doll at the hospital.  You would think that would be something he'd wanna take along with him, to keep, to make him powerful.  
Well, his loss is our gain, and more specifically your gain.  The young girl and the witch's  brain have been conjured into this piece.  We are keeping the original doll for more tests.  However, her existence has been set into this piece.  In order to activate her and for you to be able to summon her for her wisdom, you will need another doll. You will use this piece to set her free into another doll, where she will move around freely.  Keep in mind, this doll will come to life.  It will move around your house like a person.  You will hear it talk.  It will communicate with you.  So, when you are picking a doll, make sure it is one you that you aren't going to mind having around your house.  
To transfer the spirit from this vessel to the doll, you will simply set the piece on the doll and leave it there.  It works kind of like a hermit crab.  It will leave one shell to go into the new one.  This is when the doll will come to life and you will be able to learn from her, all the things that I've written about above.  You want to keep the original piece, too.  This will allow you full control over the doll and her actions.  It will allow you to order to her to do as you say, like the puppet and the puppet master.   
This is a seriously powerful piece and I want whomever is using it to understand that.  The reason it took so long for us to list the piece, is because we were weighing in on whether or not it was worth it to offer such a powerful piece.  We have made our decision.  Please use this piece with caution and care.  
Why we don't have a lot of dolls on the website. We have a ton of dolls but in order to sell them we have to keep them for years. We have to make sure they are safe and working properly. If you want haunted dolls just ask as we do have them. There is something about dolls that is much different then other vessels and it might be because they are so human like. Either way they take a lot of testing.
You must keep this piece but you can make duplicates. You need this to have full control.

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