Die Quelle
Die Quelle
Die Quelle

Die Quelle

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This piece is sterling silver pendant with a gorgeous green and sparkling blue stone!  


If you want something that isn’t necessarily on the light side of the spectrum, then this piece is definitely the one for you. This piece holds a direct psychic connection to a man that you’ve likely never heard of. That is because the magic that he practices is so powerful that it was kept behind closed doors by the people who employed him. Those people were, of course, none other than the Nazis.  



It’s already known that Hitler had a fascination with the occult, but he evidently had a fascination with giving certain types of people second chances. That’s precisely what he did for one Karl Maria Wiligut, who was once a mental patient in Austria after claiming to be a clairvoyant. He wasn’t lying though.  



There is astoundingly little evidence of his existence,but he counseled Hitler and Himmler and all of their cronies in the ways of magic. They weren’t all light magic, either. Wiligut held the bloodline of an ancient group of sages that were created out of the elemental energies of Asen and Women\, air and water gods respectively. They are the equivalent of the ancient Norse Aesir and Vanir is Norse mythology. They are a very powerful group of gods.  



The truth to it all is that Wilibut is what we call a traveling portal. He holds the bloodline of these powerful beings, but he isn’t one of the powerful beings himself. That said, he is able to travel back through the ancestral bloodline to receive that wisdom of the ancients. These are sages from the Black Forest. The reason that these sages were so powerful is that they used the Earth’s own energies as their magic. The best parallel to this magic that we’ve encountered with this piece is Native American magic. It is very raw, a natural magic that comes forth in bursts and, when harnessed properly, can produce the magic that is desired.  



During his tenure with Hitler, Wiligut was able to open up many portals for him-- to other dimensions, to other worlds, to parallel worlds, to unlocked realms that exist in our world. He was able to summon forth a wealth of knowledge and magic from the ancient sages. Among these are the ability to control minds, the ability to become invisible to others, the ability to walk unknown in the shadows, the ability to walk through time to other realms, astral transposition of form, magical elevation and enlightenment, etc.  



Here are the things. I wouldn’t be such a staunch believer in this piece if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. When I was testing this piece, when I finally got Wilibut to come through for me, he appeared in his spirit form. I asked him to recreate a power for me.  



He began spinning his hands in a circle, creating a replica of the galaxy right before my eyes. He spun his hands until the galaxy was spinning on its own. He then looked into the galaxy. When he located the magic that I had asked for-- a mind alteration magic-- he ordered the universe to stop and it listened.  



He told me to hold out my hands, palms facing the now still universe. When I did, I could feel the power and magic entering my body from the base of palms, through my wrists, and circulating through my body. It was a tingling sensation and a rush of endorphins all at once, like a mind version of electric shock, but it didn’t hurt. It actually felt calm and relaxing. Then, when I was done, the power had become part of my core being and I will keep it forever.   



When using this piece you will be able to have similar experiences with Wiligut. He is very powerful and holds the ancient wisdom of the sages. He is the influence behind much of the Nazi magic. He helped them get their hands on energies that they used to create different types of magic. It is the magical network of the ancients. They call it to die Quelle. He will do the same for you, bringing you unbridled power and magic.    




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