Direct Connection to the Almighty Brain of the Divine
Direct Connection to the Almighty Brain of the Divine

Direct Connection to the Almighty Brain of the Divine

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First of all-- this piece is unlike anything you've ever experienced.  We have often talked about the Cherubim. They are angels of pure knowledge that God created with millions of eyes so they could see all things at all times, past, present, and future. However, when they appear to humans, they appear in a different form as not to scare them. They understand that humans have a very narrow scope of understanding when it comes to worlds and realms beyond their own. God gave them this inability on purpose in an effort to conceal the universe from them while allowing them to concentrate on free will and the knowledge of right from wrong. You can thank your great great great great great to the 107th power grandmother for that. If she didn't ever eat that apple we'd probably still be hanging out in the Garden of Eden surrounded by white light and happiness, but no she had to go and ruin everything. Well, you never know, humanity IS innately dual-- with streaks of white and dark in us. Somebody would have craved the knowledge somewhere along the line, I'm sure.

Speaking of craving knowledge, let's get back on track. This piece is pure knowledge. The ring is sterling and that is wonderful and all, but the real power in this piece comes from the dazzling blue stone that has been set into the ring. I'm not sure what kind of stone it is, but I can tell you that I know for sure that it is not of this world. So, in Heaven God sits on a throne. At the foot of this throne are the angels called the Thrones, because they sit at the throne. Got it? Good. Behind the Throne of God, there is a court of 12 Cherubim. These are called the Holy Senate. They hold the entire knowledge of the universe because they see everything with their millions of eyes. This knowledge is fed directly to God and the Cherubim Senate assists him when making decisions on eternal judgment-- either Heaven or Eternal Damnation.

Upon the heads of the Cherubim Senate sit very powerful crowns. These crowns contain stones that are pure white light knowledge in physical form. The crown has been created by God to impart his knowledge to the entity that wears. The stones develop a direct connection between the brains of the Cherubim and his own so that way he can know what they know and they can know what even knows. This is how they communicate. It is a two-way street. Sometimes the Cherubim will ask God for white light power or magic and he will give it to them. Sometimes God will ask to see existence through their millions of eyes and they will let Him. This is how God maintains his omnipresence. So the stones that are in the Cherubims crowns are extremely powerful, as you can see.

The stone in this piece is one of the stones from the Cherubim's crowns. It holds proper magic. The stone fell from the crown after one of the Cherubim became a Fallen Angel. He did not come because he was tired of living in Heaven, but rather because God sent him on a Holy Mission. I'm not sure what that mission might have been and frankly, it is not important to this piece. What is important to this piece is that when the Cherubim took off his crown and remitted himself into the world, a piece-- this stone-- fell from his crown to the Earth. We have discovered it through connections we have in Siberia, which is where this stone fell. I mean, it had to be sheer destiny that we came across it. Look at the size of the stone versus the size of the world. It's harder than finding a needle in a haystack, but it came to Deedee in a vision, so she sent out an entourage to recover it and we wound up with the stone. We had the stone put into this ring, which again is Sterling.

Folks, this piece is nothing short of amazing. Remember that direction connection brain thing that I told you about earlier? Well, that is what you get with this piece. This piece gives your brain a direct connection to the almighty brain of the divine. It gives you the direct connection to the brain of God. You will be able to think His thoughts and know His wisdom. You will be able to grant His miracles. You will be able to know all of His white light magic and you will be able to practice it on Earth. You will be able to change destinies as He does. You will be able to create entities like He does. You will be able to call upon the names of the angels and send them out to do your work like He does. You will be able to see all things and know all things that happen at all times in the past, present, and the future like He does.

I don't think you understand. This is pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity. When somebody says, "Here ya go here's your chance to think with the brain of God and to know all the things he knows," you don't just pass it up. You go for it. We did. Now, we are ready for this piece to move on and transform the life of someone new.

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