Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

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We have written many times about how the Bible has secret codes. These codes were written into the Bible through the hands of Gods and those who he worked through. The point was to convey his Holy Wisdom and magical powers in such a way that only the people He wanted to know would know. He did this by writing this collective information into the Bible and other religious texts through a secret code. The only way to know this code is to obtain a special form of enlightenment that will give you the knowledge that is needed in order to be able to read a normal text to see the magic that has been encrypted within. Unless, of course, you have this piec.

This piece holds white light energy that comes from the Vatican. It was once housed in the secret archives but has increasingly made its way to the top in order to allow church officials to do magical read-throughs of religious texts. These read throughs have been more and more necessary as we reach the end times, as there are many mysteries for which the answer exists in coded form. This piece was eventually confiscated by a connection we have at the Vatican and brought to us. We have tested it on many occasions. In fact, we have had it for over a year now and have tested in a bunch of times. The reason is that we wanted to make sure that this piece really does what we say it does before we list it for somebody to buy.

This piece is incredible. You don't just get the powers and the knowledge with this piece. You get the full experience. You will be able to read through the Bible and other religious texts and gain the white light powers that are present. When reading the Book of Revelation and other prophecies, you will be given the secrets to the End of Times. You will be given the 72 names of God, which are 72 unique white light powers that you will be able to use in your mortal life. These are essentially miracles that you will be able to perform while still on Earth. They include everything from healing to psychic awakening from being able to raise the dead and more. Basically, this is a collection of miracle magic that you get with 72 hidden powers. That's in addition to everything else that you get with the hidden codes and meanings and the other powers that are attainable when using this piece. We call this one Divine Intervention.

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