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This is a very old djinn and her type is a Sila, name is Miranda which was given to her by her last owner who has now passed on. I believe she named her after her daughter. 

This is one of the rarest of Djinn but also one of the best as the relationship they have with humans is impressive. There is no animosity or anger and no trickery. This has been the same vessel she has been in for quite some time. Every djinn is unique in his or her own way as far as personality, power, etc. This one is female and has some of the best psychic ability I have seen in a djinn in a very long time. She wears her third eye on her head as a feather in her cap. She is proud of her abilities and her family which she had. She was known by other family members of the woman who had her but they always thought she was making it up. When I visited her she gave it to me on my last visit knowing she would die soon not of sickness but of old age. Miranda did offer her immortality in the form of a djinn but it is not something she wanted and when she passed Miranda was distraught. It took me a year to get Miranda feeling better before she decided to move on to another  owner. With Miranda's power she was ability to give her immortality even though she didn't want it and she didn't do that because she respected her choice.

Many djinn even those who love humans like to do as they want to and that is why I love Miranda. Miranda has respect for what you want even if it is not something she agrees with.

My experience with her have been some of the greatest and not just that but fun too. She is a fun loving djinn that always has your best interest. Those qualities along with her power really make her stand out as a not a guest in your home but a family member. I would like to see her go to a family with children as she really seems to love them but she herself has not expressed that she needs that. She also adores pets and loves being around other supernatural beings.

What can she do?

She does all the normal things a djinn does except she is very special in that she doesn't question and does get done what you want. She is the easiest djinn to work with that I have ever met and that is because she really does enjoy her work. She loves it and I think that makes all the difference in owning or homing a djinn.

Things she has done that I know of or have seen mysef. She has brought love to a man that would not have had any and that was due to his own fault. When she did this he actually changed. The changes were so extreme it was like he was an entire new person. She totally removed the scars from a fire victim over night! There was no way that wasn't a miracle. She removed the scars from a acid victim in Turkey! She is all about making people beautiful as she knows that self esteem can go down if they don't feel well.

She helped a family living in there car from California. The husband lost his job and he and his wife and three kids were living out of trash cans. They know have a huge mansion given to them through charity that just knocked on the car window. She did all of that and the some. She offered her previous owner, Agnes immortality by giving her a transformation into a djinn. Agnes did turn that down but in Agnes's early years she had another child, Rebecca who was dying of failed kidneys. She cured her and today she is married with children, happy and not wanting for money.

Agnes herself before meeting Miranda was very poor and she died leaving behind enough money so none of her family had to work. That is a good thing too since they didn't believe in Djinn. This next one is not that big of a deal but to the little boy she helped it was. This little boy who lived near Agnes was severly depressed as both parents were killed in a car crash.  She took his teddy bear ad brought him to life to give him someone to talk to. The bear offered comfort and support along with protection. The bear only came to life when the little boy spoke to him. That helped him so greatly he is okay today and out of school now. He believed of course as he saw Miranda but I still think he feels that maybe it was his imagination. That is okay as long as everything worked out.

She healed various health issues and brought and perfect relationships to many lives. She is a true Godsend and you wouldn't ever get a better djinn. I doubt that I would ever get one like Miranda again and would like if you could to give me updates. If you prefer not to that is fine too as I understand privacy very well.


Good Luck and I hope the best personn gets her. If you have not had a djinn in your life and have considered it I would go with Miranda.

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