Dome of the Rock and the Seven Heavens

Dome of the Rock and the Seven Heavens

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This piece has been taken to the Dome of the Rock. As such, it holds a great deal of power. If you aren't familiar with the Dome of the Rock, you can look it up online. What I will tell you is that it is an extremely sacred religious site to multiple religions, most notably the Muslims, the Christians, and the Jews. Each has a story about the significance this exact spot has played in the materialization if their religion. 

The Jews say that the rock that exists in the Dome if the Rock is the exact place that God began creation of the world. Christian's believe this is the place where the Holy of Holies stood in the First Temple of Solomon. However, the piece we have holds the energies of a third encounter that was had with the rock. It was the platform from which the prophet Mohammed was sent into Heaven during his Night Journey. 

During his Night Journey, the prophet Mohammed was taken through the Seven Heavens. With this piece, you will also gain the ability to leave your body in spirit form and to travel through the Seven Heavens. Each of the Seven Heavens holds a highly secretive, white light knowledge that will be given to you when you visit it. We cannot say what these forms of knowledge are, only they are highly covert and will change your entire life. It will give you the ability to become a white light sorcerer and Warrior in the coming times. It will give you seven ancient white light knowledge forms. That is where we will leave it. Trust me, you will not want to miss out in this piece! 

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