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This sterling silver and real gemstone bracelet creates or fixes any situation you may have. I will give you a few examples of how we used this and in different ways it was tested.  This will give you the best explanation of the piece.

We allowed a lady in the neighborhood to test this on her relationship that wasn't going any where. Each gemstone you program by holding the bracelet and saying what you want it to do. So for her she asked for perfect communication, shows of emotion, marriage, perfect friendship, the best sex life and wealth. In the course of a two months she did gain these things. Now on the marriage he asked her to marry him and they will marry in May. That was her idea. She didn't want it to cold or hot since she is in New Jersey.

On the woman I told you all about before that I really don't like, the manipulating one, Lindy allowed her to test it. I wouldn't have let her but she had the piece and said here you go! I wasn't to happy about it but hearing the results I was happy then. You see I have tried to help this girl in my own way, maybe I'm not the best at it but I am me.... An example of me is I went to this birthday party and this girl was there who's baby had died under some odd circumstances, I leave it at that. I wouldn't accuse anyone of anything because I wasn't there but there had been a lot of talk. I wasn't going to get into it but what do you say to someone who has a baby die. Since that time she had another one of which I was glad but I don't exactly like her all that much. So when I saw her I didn't know what to say so I said hey, your mac and cheese was good! Yeah, that is me! Later on this waitress I know was like, really Dee Dee you see her and even though the mac and cheese sucked you tell her it was good. Well yeah because what else do you say! I'm really not the best socially, sometimes I am but not all the time. I was just caught down in Haleyville crashing a black family reunion because I love black people food, soul food? Whatever. I love string beans and mac and cheese with bbq as does anyone, right? So I was asked who I was with and I said look I'm really black I just don't look it. Of course that wasn't flying as I really am a pale face but hell they were almost out on the road and I was going to eat anyway! I wasn't rude though because I did have a case of orange crush and I laid that on the table. I love Diet Orange Crush or the Sunkist it really doesn't matter as I like them both. I just wish they had grape in diet. Finally I had to come clean and I said look I thought this was a church get together. They asked me if I saw the family reunion sign and I said I thought that meant in Christ. When you are caught, you are caught! They asked me to leave but no lie I started running but I did grab a a chicken on the way out! I never got my soda back though. Just before I got to my car I yelled black lives matter but so does my hunger! Damn it!

Back to the girl! So I don't like her but she tested the bracelet and got out of her house. Lindy programmed that one for her which I wasn't sure we could do at the time as I thought the person wanting something had to do it but no, anyone can. Great! SO she programmed it for her to stop acting insane and to fix her living situation, get rid of her boyfriend who is a real rapist and did 10 years prison time. This is the guy I told I would bash his face in, long story. He kidnapped two kids and raped them and thinks it is okay but I guess that is why he lives in a group home under lock and key. I don't think that sick bastard should have got out and I told him so which made him call me a bitch over the phone of which I told him he is glad it wasn't my kid because his worm ass would be dead. I was mad because the idiot woman put him on the phone with me and I already told her I don't speak to people of his type or kind and that he disgusts me and makes me want to throw up. This guy thinks the world owes him and I think he needs to be dead so we have a major difference of opinion. So the bracelet got rid of the child rapist, got her into a new home, got her a job for odd people, got her a constant check and got her into a program. This is exactly what the bracelet was to do. It also got her teeth because she didn't have any. For some people this may not seem like a big deal but if it was your life it really would be. Hopefully none of you have that kind of life as her life was screwed!


For me I got rid of a few people and that was a total miracle! I'm also getting ready to use this for Steve because I see some problems coming his way with this ugly faced witch! I can't post the issues here because I saw them psychically and because I don't want to go into it.

This guy I also allowed to use it lives close to me. His wife left him and took the kids. It has been years since he saw them and they live in another state now. She was having a affair every time he went to work so pretty much every day and everyone knew about it. Now he sees them and all is well and he moved on. He also allowed them to see how the mother was and clear up any problems and anger they had as they were lied to.

Then I let Lolly use it because she was being taken, was taken for almost all her money by this gold digger. Every thing she had was gone!  We used each gemstone to get her money back and then some along with some revenge. We also wanted to Lolly to test it on other things to make sure it could be used over and over again. So it was tested on her father with his health issues which to be honest were not that bad but either way they did clear up. She also tested it on her one son who was having major issues in school and went form not doing well to being head of class now. So far so good. With her son she did full comprehension, increased IQ and popularity along with self esteem. Her choices and they are working.


There are more but you get the idea on the various things you can do with this one. It is also beautiful.  This is not spirited but supernatural in it's magical ability and I would also have to call this a dual magical piece. I love this piece! I hope to get something else like it but decided to put it up because many are asking for things this can fix or cure.



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