Dr. Cameron's Mind Envelopment
Dr. Cameron's Mind Envelopment

Dr. Cameron's Mind Envelopment

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For the majority of the 20th Century, academic psychiatry provided zero public commentaries.  No civil rights groups, no ethical guidance, no moral oversight.  In fact, most of the leading psychiatric and medical schools were funded by the CIA and military for the purpose of producing mind control doctors for the purpose of mind control research.  At Yale, Harvard, McGill, Stanford, UCLA and other major colleges throughout the country mental patients, cancer patients, and unwitting citizens were subject to a program of studies.  What you will find recorded about these facts is only the tip of the iceberg.  The government might have de-classified the documents pertaining to such projects, but you have to ask yourself-- "Whoever really tells the whole truth?"  There was so much that could have potentially been incriminating that it's no wonder that the majority of what was really going on was left hiding in a place where they would never again be seen.  
Perhaps the most "respected"-- I use that term loosely-- doctor of these times was one, Dr. Ewen Cameron.  He was a contracted MKULTRA doctor and was notorious for the destruction of minds and lives.  At face value, Cameron was a very celebrated doctor, but deep down there was an intrinsic evil that loomed at his core.  Perhaps if he would have been born in Germany, he would have been tearing Jews to shreds?  I can only speculate.  What I can tell you is that he wasn't an upstanding citizen at all.  He had almost zero value for human life.  
Having said that, the fact that he made advancements in magic and psychical research cannot be ignored.  He was huge on developing magic that dealt specifically with the human mind.  While Cameron was never able to achieve a full awakening himself, he has managed to put people into states of full psychic awakening for the purpose of developing psychically charged items that could them be turned over to the government to be used in s psy-op war that was going on with Russia and other countries abroad.  Cameron's pieces were the most powerful that were ever made, which is probably why the USA ended up winning out on the Space Race, the Cold War, and other secret wars that have been raging since the mid-1900s.  
What we are offering is an item that has been hand developed by Dr. Ewen Cameron.  This piece is a psy-op piece that gives you full dominion over the power of another person's mind.  When you are wearing this piece, you merely have to look at the other person directly in their eyes.  You will put them into a trance-like state.  Their bodies will literally be frozen.  They will not be able to move.  You will be able to see through their eyes into their thoughts to know what they think and to see their memories.  You will then be able to speak to them what you want them to remember versus what they actually remember.  You will be able to speak to them and tell them, "you will do this," or "you will do that," and they will do it once you are done telling them what to do.  Once you have deep-rooted yourself in their mind, you will be able to control them through telepathy, simply by speaking their name and ordering them to get up and do this or do that.  It's called Mind Envelopment and it's a very powerful ability.  It allows you to totally wrap your existence and your will around the mind of another individual.  You can use this piece for as many or a few people as you choose.
This ring is sterling silver and may be worn on the finger or on a chain. This piece must adjust to your body and your body temperature. The stone is an orange color in case it is hard to see in the images.

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