Draco Divitiis:  Royal Blood Wealth
Draco Divitiis:  Royal Blood Wealth

Draco Divitiis: Royal Blood Wealth

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This is an EXTREME wealth piece.  It was made by the royal family.  They hunted for the humans that they used in English highlands.  They have a secret sanctuary there where they hunt humans.  Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a sanctuary, because it's anything but for the humans that are mercilessly hunted down and murdered.  

Either way, that's how they got the humans for the blood sacrifice that was used to make this piece.  It took the blood of three people in order to perform the ritual, but when it was done, this piece was supercharged with ancient wealth magic and was supposed to be a gift to Asian merchants that the royal family does business with.  

Guess what?  We intercepted it.  Don't ask how.  We have our ways.  The only thing you really need to know is that this piece brings extreme wealth beyond anything that you have ever experienced.  It comes in all forms across all areas of your life.  

Just to give you an idea of how powerful this piece really is-- we tested it in conjunction with another piece for two weeks.  We gave one person one piece and another person another piece.  They were both tested at the same time.  This piece brought 150x the wealth power.  That's some serious wealth!  

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