Dragon Souls
Dragon Souls

Dragon Souls

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When you think about the mightiest hunters in history, who comes to mind?  Maybe Orion? Perhaps Artemis? It seems that the song of Sigurd goes vastly unsung.  The feats that he accomplished on behalf of the master smith to whom he was an understudy rival those of Hercules.  To be fair, there is far less recorded and known about this historical character, which is why we decided it was time to travel to Scandinavia and see exactly what we were missing out on.  We are glad that we did because we didn’t come back empty handed. In fact, the powers in this piece are so strong that the person who owns it will never want for anything in their entire life.  Read on.

The Ramsund Carving is one of the most famous of a group of stones called the Sigurd Stones.  In the ancient days, there were many of these stones and they all told the lore associated with the hero Sigurd.  However, you must be careful in picking which one you interpret, because it is kind of like the grapevine game. You tell somebody that you like chocolate milkshakes and next thing you know you were picking raspberries in California.  It’s just the way things go. I say this only to denote that not all of the Sigurd Stones hold powerful Some are just ancient depictions of what the people of the time thought happened. The Ramsund Stone, though? That is one for the books.  It’s powers and the story that it tells are 100% legit. We only know because we have traveled there personally.

The Ramsund Stone is unlike any of the other Sigurd stone because it was carved into a mountainside versus being a freestanding stone.  Not that this makes all the difference, but it has been preserved throughout time, basically because who’s gonna steal a mountain? Either way, the Ramsund stones are carved in a weird way and contain many different languages.  The depictions on the stone, though, are very direct in the story they tell. This, coupled with the fact that we were able to develop a psychic connection to the piece has allowed us to really comprehend what was going on.  This is why we were able to really use the energies in the stone to create this piece.

As a young Orphan, Sigurd was fostered by a famous smith who went by the name Regin.  Regin had a score to settle with his brother Fafnir. I guess Fafnir killed their father, Hreidmar,  who was King of the Dwarves and made off with all of the treasure that belonged to his family. He did this to spite Loki, another one of their brothers who killed a fourth one of their brothers after mistaking him for an Otter.  What? I know, but I can’t make this stuff up. Anyway, when Fafnir stole the treasure there was a ring to which was attacked. This ring turned Fafnir into a fire-wielding dragon. Therein was Regin’s main concern. How was he supposed to take out a dragon?

Well, I’ll tell you how.  Regin used sorcery and alchemy to forge a magic sword.  He gave that sword to Sigurd and ordered him to find Fafnir and kill him.  It took several attempts, but eventually, Sigurd got the job done. He slew the dragon and cut out his heart.  When cooking the heart for his master, he burnt his finger and sucked on it. The magic in the blood of the dragon that was killed by the magical blade of Fafnir then gave Sigurd the ability to communicate with winged creatures.  He heard the birds talking about Regin’s plan to kill him so that way he didn’t have to share his treasure. Sigurd then cut off Regin’s head and stole his treasure. Oh, and his horse. How do you like Regin? Guess you’ll be loyal next time.  

Anyway, Sigurd has taken to slaying dragons through creation.  He hunts not only in the Earthen realms but also in the astral realms.  He collects their souls, which brings him their wealth energies. These energies grow upon the masses of riches that Sigurd has collected.  To this day he hunts dragons in spirit form, adding to his wealth day by day. He has never given up his quest because it was the only one ever given to him.  I guess you could say that he is really well at what he does.

So, after developing a connection to the Ramsund Carving to gain a better understanding of what we were dealing with we were able to make this piece.  This piece is a spiritual connection piece. It gives you a spiritual connection to Sigurd. It will be like you are Regin all over again, except you are going to loyal and Sigurd is not going to have a reason to chop off your head.  What Sigurd will do for you is go out into the astral realm and hunt dragons. He will bring you the souls of many wealth dragons, which will be stored in your piece. This translates to wealth energies.

When you wear this piece and Sigurd collects your dragon souls for you, you will become very wealthy, the same way he was become wealth through collecting treasures.  This wealth will come to you in all forms. You can use this piece in the casino. You can use this piece to gain job promotions, advancements, or promotions. You can use this piece for business or capitalize on investments.  You can use this piece to win lawsuits or inheritance. Basically, this piece will bring you wealth in any way that you can think of. It is literally Sigurd’s one and only job to be the devoted servant he was trained to be and to bring you as many dragon souls and wealth energies as he can.  The more you wear this piece, the more wealth you will become.

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