Druidic Cosmic Connection
Druidic Cosmic Connection

Druidic Cosmic Connection

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when you put things into perspective, nearly everything that we know is magic. I mean, electricity could even be deemed magic. The fact that cars run on gasoline could be deemed magic. It just depends on the eye that is watching. However, scientists have been able to "prove" or get behind certain theories that explain these reactions in a "scientific" matter. They snub things that they cannot understand or that they are not smart or enlightened enough to understand. Such is the case with what the common person would refer to as "magic". You know- summoning the dead, casting spells, astral travel, that sort of thing. But for those of us who have the proper enlightenment, these things make complete sense. It's because we have the knowledge to know better and to know that not everything is what it seems. It is just how life goes.

Recently, there has been a supposed "breakthrough" in medical technology because a microbiologist from Northern Ireland discovered what people have long known. He placed a mark of affirmation that the grave of the Reverend Jame McGirr holds soil that can be used to heal illnesses and sicknesses. It has been known since the 1800s that this was the case, as people have long been using the soil to heal their sick loved ones. It has a spiritual component to it that allows it to heal, but it isn't a spiritual component that was placed there by the Reverend. He just happened to know about the healing properties of the land and made it known on his deathbed. He dare not say anything during his tenure as a Priest, lest he be strung up for witchcraft and denial of the Christian faith. The fact is that the healing powers of the land extend to times well before Father McGirr's death. The healing roots of his Parish date back to times when druids still pretty much ruled the Earth.

So, it seems that since this microbiologist has come forward to say, "yeah, this dirt holds some sort of compound that helps fight against otherwise untreatable illnesses" that it can now go down in the history books that it is so. They'll do some fancy tests on it and then probably go scoop more of it up and sell it to the pharmaceutical companies and make billions of dollars off of it. However, the people who know-- mainly the locals-- are probably laughing at them. They know none of this is necessary. It is the land that was blessed by druids in ancient times. It holds their ancient healing powers and not just healing powers, but awakening powers to be able to access even more of the druid's magic than scientists would ever care to admit.

In fact, the soil that Father McGirr was buried in was once a Celtic Temple. Unknown to history books, this temple was torn down to make way for new settlements and new religions. That's just how the Catholic Church worked. They just replace what other people already know with stuff that sounds similar and hope it catches on because they want to control everything. It hides the true power that can be obtained that they don't want to admit exists because it goes against the propaganda that they shove down other people's throats.

The point is that the Church and its graveyard were built over top of what used to be a Druidic Holy Place. At this place, the Earth met the Cosmic Forces. Where the cosmic forces exist there is nothing that is impossible. Therefore, the soil might have been good for healing. It might have healed many people. However, had they had the wherewithal to actually know better, they would have been able to use the soil to do an awful lot more than healing a bunch of people. The soil holds the remnants of place in existence that is so powerful that the residual energies of the cosmic powers that came to the Earth still exist in the Earth around it. We have sampled this soil and we have brought some back to the States to be able to test and use in making our own pieces.

This was buried in the soil from the grave of Father McGirr. Yes, it holds healing powers that will heal you both physically and mentally. However, it holds so many more abilities than that. Using the powers of the soil, which have now been placed into the piece you are getting, you are able to create-- literally-- anything. This is because the cosmic energies are the energies that are responsible for creation. It is the powers of the cosmic center of the universe that have allowed for the creation of the rest of the universe, including Earth. This includes all forms of magic and all powers that have been dreamed up of over the years.

Using the power of this piece, which has been given the power of the soil that can be found in Northern Ireland, you will also be able to create. You create any power you want. You can create any entity you want. You can cast any spell you want. It allows you to travel back in time and observe the druids and to gain any and all of their magic that you want. This includes any power, any ability, any psychic power, and spell casting, or really just whatever you want. You will earn from the best as they tap into the unlimited potential of the cosmic mind.

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