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There are messengers all around us.  They exist naturally in our surroundings, but don't necessarily always reveal their presence to humankind.  The human mind tends to be narrow, in general, and doesn't comprehend spirituality and how the "otherworld" works.  This is why we have fallen so far from our magical grace that we should have inherited by the greats such as the Race of Atlantis, the Egyptians, the Chaldeans, and the Mayans.   Instead, the esoteric nature of humans has regressed over the years, as there becomes an increasing longing to solve the puzzles and mysteries of the world and scientific evidence and facts.  Nobody seems to really believe in live and let live anymore.  Some things just happen and just are for that simple reason... they just happen and they just are.  No need for an explanation.  

Such is the case with this ring.  This ring and the decor of the ring itself is very symbolic of the great wealth of powers that is contained within.  I got the ring while I was staying in Athens.  The ring was brought forth by a nature witch, during a festival that was dedicated to Gaea.  During the rituals the skies grew dark and thunder began to bellow through the cove that we were performing the ritual in.  The skies opened up and I could see through, to other dimensions and times and places.  That was really cool, but it's not the most important part of my story.  From the center of what appeared to be a huge ball of energy, shot forth one solitary bolt of lightning, whose target was a nearby tree.  I rushed over to the tree to find this item where the thunderbolt had struck.  The tree was still ablaze, however at the base of the trunk, laid this item, a ring.

I picked up the ring, thinking it was going to be hot, but it was anything but hot.  I could feel the fresh, anew power pulsating through the ring as a turned it over to examine it.  After keeping this piece for myself for a substantial amount of time, I was able to fully decipher and decode the powers that have been shored up the ring, which is a gift from the immortals.  The two thunder birds are two mythic creatures that act as ancient messengers of power.  One is dark, one is white.  This means that this piece is a dual item.  The thunder birds will allow you to "fly across the realms" so to speak.  By this I mean that you can use this piece to summon the ancient birds to bring you back any powers that you may desire or fancy.  

The Star on the middle of the ring represents all things white in nature and can be used to bless or enlighten, and more.  The lightning bolt represents everything dark in nature and can be used to curse or exact revenge, and more.  The galaxy that is present behind the star and the lightning bolt signifies that these birds have access to gain entrance to any realm of magic.  The can travel to any realm, and visit any plain of existence.  The only limitations to this very empowered item is your imagination.  If there is a power that you can dream up, your ancient mythic thunder birds, one acting an yin and the other acting as Yang, will search feverishly on your behalf UNTIL they bring back the power or magical form that you want.    If they can't find it, they will use other powers to make it.  There are absolutely NO restrictions on the powers you can gain using this item! 

This piece is sterling silver.


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