Dybbuk Djinn of Demon House
Dybbuk Djinn of Demon House

Dybbuk Djinn of Demon House

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There have been many paranormal investigators who have been to the Monroe House in Hartford City, Indiana.  There have been some haunted houses in the past, but this house is so haunted that it has earned the named "demon house."  You can do some research on it if you want to and you will find that there are no shortage of paranormal investigators that have gone to Demon House in order to get to the bottom of it.  The closest anybody has ever gotten was to find some bones that were found buried beneath the basement of the house, which was undoubtedly the haunted room of the house.  I know that sound taboo-- a big spooky basement.  What horror movie doesn't have one of those in it?  Well, I guess it's from houses like this that the taboo owes its existence because the basement in the Demon House is super active in terms of paranormal activity.  
Now, I'm not going to bore you with the details of how we set up to investigate the house.  It's really not that important.  We didn't bother keeping any of our recordings because we don't really need them.  Our experience was far too strange to remember, but we did come back with this piece.  It has one of the entities we encountered in the house trapped in it, but more on that later.  Let me just tell you about how we are the ones who got an email to visit the place.  It was sent to us by an Anne such and such, but when we got there nobody was there to present the house to us.   When we contacted the property owners they told us that they never contacted us.  So, we just did our own little thing.  It was more or less a psychic investigation with only a few "professional" tools.  It was just weird because there wasn't even an "Anne" that anybody knew about.  It was like the house was calling out to us.  
As I was saying, the basement was the craziest part of the house.  It was where we were able to feel the most spirit energy and where we had our most hostile encounter.  As we were moving around in the basement, the light began to flicker a bit.  We began to take pictures of the place until the light went out completely. I felt something clawing at my legs.  When the lights came back on, I looked down and noticed that My pants were ripped and had deep claw marks running down my legs with blood dripping from them.  This pissed Deedee off.  If you've ever been on an investigation with her you will know that she doesn't cower from beings-- living or dead.  She pulled a slip of paper and this item out of her pocket.  Before I knew what was going on, she began very loudly and angrily reading some conjuring ritual out loud.  The light once again began to flicker and the walls began to shake.  Before I even really knew what was happened, there was this smell of sulfur and an enormously dark entity standing in front of us with beady red eyes.  
Deedee leaned forward and with the swipe of a hand, the entity began to be funneled into the piece.  It wasn't until working with the piece later that I realized that what had been set into the piece was a dybbuk djinn.  These are the hardest kind to tame, but after blasting it with white light power, we have been able to make the dybbuk in this piece totally subservient.  The best part about it is that now instead of just doing black magic, it does dual magic.  Its magic can be used for dark magic or white magic.  His wishes can be granted as white magic only or dark magic, also.  He is the epitome of dual magic.  He is able to grant most powers, save for immortality.  He will show you the secrets to the powers that you request of him, so that way you understand the magic that you are doing.  If you want something cast, he will initially cast it or you, until you are successful in being able to cast it for yourself. 
The piece you get with this piece is shown, and obviously, you are getting the dybbuk djinn that I just told you about.  Whatever you do, make sure you don't try to reverse the containment spell.  He is contained and will be contained in this piece forever.  That's no concern.  It's just that some people try to reverse spells like that to see what the being was like previously.  I've told you.  It wasn't splendid.  However, his magic is very powerful and under the right spell, it can be used to great advantage.  This is why we've cast white light magic upon him.  
This bracelet is sterling silver.

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