Earth's Core Crystal Magic (Everything You Want and Need!)
Earth's Core Crystal Magic (Everything You Want and Need!)
Earth's Core Crystal Magic (Everything You Want and Need!)

Earth's Core Crystal Magic (Everything You Want and Need!)

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There is a giant crystal at the core of Earth. It is an iron crystal that swims in a pool of watery iron. This crystal is slightly smaller than the moon but far denser and we can thank the crystal for life as we know it on earth. Not only does it keep Earth stabilized from floating out into space, it provides essential energies that allow life on our plant to exist. These are energies that are fed to the crystal from the cosmic hub-- the intelligent lifeforce at the center of our universe.

In truth, Earth's crystal is one of many crystals that have been dispersed among the vast expanse of the universe. There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on the Earth, so existence as we know it, in our universe, is pretty expansive. These crystals are energetic hubs that directly connected to the Cosmic Hub. It's how humans are able to comprehend, feel, and acquire knowledge. More or less of this energy from the Cosmic Hub dictates the level of intelligence a being has. In their current form, humans are not super-intelligent, but we are sentient and we are smarter than a lot of other forms of existence out there. However, there are those forms of existence that are way more advanced and this is because they have learned how to mine the energies of the crystal they live on.

We have 18 of these beautiful glass beads. They are a gorgeous green color and flecks of purple dance within when they hit the light, reflecting the energies that been embedded into them. This the energy of Earth's crystal is a physical, solidified form. It gives you a connection to Earth's crystal, which we are all connected to, but this piece creates a deeper, more profound connection. It will turn on a valve that will flood your chakras with this energy. Our chakras serve as crystals and a gateway to knowledge, so this is why this piece works the way it does. This ultimately gives you a connection to the Cosmic Hub, the epicenter of life, energy, and knowledge in our universe. These energies will bypass the Earth Cyrstal and dwell inside of you. Not all of the energy, just what your body needs.

What types of things can you accomplish with the energies that this piece gives to you?

-manifestation of wealth, abundance
-manifestation of love
-spiritual communication
-angelic communication
-entity conjuring including djinn, fairies, griffins, etc.
-spiritual and physical healing
-spirit alchemy and soul transcendence
-full psychic awakening
-shapeshifting in the astral from
-spiritual enlightenment
-manifestation of beauty
-health, longevity and mental stability
-manifestation of magic thought-forms aka manifesting your own magic
-manifestation of destiny

More or less anything that is metaphysical or magical can be accomplished with these glass beads. This is HUGE!! You have no idea how it will change your life. Why are we selling them so cheap? Well, because we have a bunch of them and we know the world could use a little bit of positive energy right now!

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