Eggs Du Jour, Phoenix Wealth, Real Turquoise and Pearl Necklace

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This piece has been made possible by a pet that we have kept for some time now.  You all know how much Deedee loves her birds.  I mean, one time she kissed a buzzard on the head.  Or was it vulture?  I honestly forget.  The point is that she loves her birds.  You can imagine her excitement when we got a turquoise bracelet that not only allowed her to fully experience the presence of an ancient phoenix, but to also see the bird in its spiritual form.  Now, a lot of people think that when we say spiritual form we mean it shows up like a ghost. That's not always the case.  Spiritual form simply means it has the ability to move from realm to realm without difficulties.  Sometimes this is a ghost form and other times these forms are a solid as you or eye and in this case, the bird was able to be petted, loved up on, etc.  This is why Deedee has kept the piece for so long.  She loves birds and she especially loves her Phoenix because it would lay the tiniest pearl eggs for her.  These eggs could then be used to grant her whatever kind of wealth she wanted.  Of course, she only used one of them to see what they were.  The rest she gave away as gifts.  
I'm telling you right now, Deedee isn't giving up her bird, so we had to add that bird to a different vessel.  However, this piece does hold the original energies of the bird, as it is made with the original turquoise stones that the bird was summoned into.  Along with these stones are 22 of the pearl eggs that have been laid the Phoenix, which Deedee now calls FeFe (short for Phoenix.)  These pearl eggs can birth any kind of wealth that you want from them.  It could wealth from a lawsuit, wealth in business, wealth from investment, wealth at the casino, wealth by inheritance, etc.  There are 22 eggs here and I challenge you to find 22 different types of wealth powers to set into the piece.  It will most likely be difficult and that is just a testament to how powerful this piece actually is.  It provides so many types of wealth that you will most likely run out of ideas before this piece runs out of power.   
Instructions-- To use this piece you will simply wear the necklace.  You will take one of the eggs and hold it between your thumb and your index finger and you will state out loud what kind of wealth magic you want that egg to birth for you.  It doesn't matter which one you start with, just make sure you keep track of which ones you have used and have not used.  They will not bear more than one wealth-power apiece.
Turquoise and pearl necklace, supernatural jewelry.

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