Egyptian Capstone Energy and Magic | STAR
Egyptian Capstone Energy and Magic | STAR
Egyptian Capstone Energy and Magic | STAR

Egyptian Capstone Energy and Magic | STAR

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The Great Pyramid, if you look up photos of it, you'll notice that the capstone is missing. More importantly, if you look up pyramids in general, you'll notice that even the pyramids that still have their capstone, the capstones blend in with the rest of the structure or harbor perhaps a very slight discoloration.

Egyptians believed that the capstone of a pyramid was the most important component of the pyramid and so they were often very detailed or decorated. Some pyramids even had caps made entirely of solid gold, which is something not many people know. It is more believed that the treasure of a pyramid is found inside and often within the crypt of a deceased pharaoh but that is only partly true. The capstone would also be given the most effort and the reason the pyramids don't exhibit this effort is because back then, if and when a pyramid was looted, the capstone was the easiest accessible thing and often consisted of the most gold or jewels.

That does not explain why the Great Pyramid has no capstone whatsoever, however. A capstone is enormous and could not easily simply be stolen. It remains unknown why this capstone is missing or where it could have gone.

However, we do know that at the top of the Great Pyramid, there is an unexplained electrical aura that strengthens depending on what reaches the top and what can conduct it. Centuries ago, when the pyramid was built, the pyramid had been complete with a capstone made entirely of gold because it is the absolute best metal to conduct electricity.

Ancient Egyptian magic often used conductors or was heavily reliant on rituals. As the oldest and largest pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Giza was the center of all rituals and power because it was used to conduct both. Items of power, creatures of power, and even Gods were summoned in the heart of this pyramid.

Items created within this pyramid are different to Egyptian items instilled with power, which is why this item does not appear as ancient as the power it possesses. Items that were created through this pyramid were timeless and designed to easily withstand the test of time so any authentic item of power created by the Pyramid of Giza will not appear old or blemished.

This piece allows the holder access to the ancient Egyptian magic of the pharaohs. Whenever a pharaoh would be crowned, they would be given the power to rule. Some of them were even mistaken or viewed as Gods when in possession of this power. You can do with it whatever you desire. Be it to seek and obtain fortunes or more power. This item will give it to you in abundance.

This piece, as you can see, has symbols on it that appear Jewish in origin. These are the same symbols you would have found on the capstones, which could mean that they are symbols of magic. These symbols, along with electricity, is what gives you this power. You need the symbols to use the power. When this piece lies against your chest, it will draw the electricity from your body.

This piece itself holds two very ancient symbols at the top, one being for the electrical connection between Earth and the human body. The reason it is a circle is for eternity. The symbol beneath that is the Holy Grail, which in this case, means being able to do anything, have anything, and become a God. The symbol above the circle represent human DNA and how it can be manipulated by this energy.

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