Egytain Meets Voodoo and Give Birth to Napoleon.
Egytain Meets Voodoo and Give Birth to Napoleon.

Egytain Meets Voodoo and Give Birth to Napoleon.

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We aren't quite sure where this piece has originated from, to be honest. It's one of the pieces that we obtained at the Underground Auction. Which, by the way, the Underground Auction is coming up very soon, so if you have any requests GET THEM IN!! So, we got this piece from the underground auction, because Deedee immediately felt a psychic pull to the piece. It took us a while to be able to determine what exactly was held within this piece, but after several years of working with it, we have been able to determine that it summons the spirit of Napoleon. Hence, the picture of Napoleon in the background. Well, we thought it looked like Napoleon anyway.

We think that this piece was created as some type of voodoo summoner because it contains a piece of either bone or tooth. We think it is a tooth, because of the way it is shaped, but we're not entirely sure. Either way, that part isn't that important. The important part is that this piece summons the real Napoleon. It does so for the purpose of allowing him to tell you the secrets that he saw while in the pyramid.

These secrets will change your life forever. For starters, they will give you a direct connection to every pyramid every built and the powers that they hold within. You can astral travel to them to see what powers are present and you can choose the ones that you want to take with you. Second, this piece is going to give you a direct connection to the Egyptian deities, who are extremely, extremely powerful. You will gain their knowledge and their insight in your magic, which means that your magic will be unparalleled in the way that it is cast because they will intervene and help you when you cast it.

As I have said, this piece is very powerful. Deedee has a thing for Napoleon, so you are lucky that we are even selling this one. At the price we are listing it at and the fact that it is still 50% off until January 1st, this piece is a definitely steal!!

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