Eight Drops of Blood, Eight Powers

Eight Drops of Blood, Eight Powers

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I've told you many times about the vampire farms that are in Harrisburg. They are about 40 minutes away from where I live. It's actually how I came into contact with Deedee when I first started working for her. There's a vampire there named Claudius, we call him Claud for short. When he's not in an ornery mood sometimes he helps us make a piece that we can pass along to you guys.

We caught him on a particularly good day. He must have raided a local blood bank or something. I don't know, but he agreed to help us make this piece. It contains 8 drops of his blood, each of which have been given a separate sanguine vampire power. We fused the powers into this piece using an ancient blood alchemy spell.

Here are the 8 powers of the 8 drops of blood he gave us--

1.) Mind Control-- they call this power compulsion. You can literally force people to do whatever you want them to do, simply by speaking it to them.
2.) Superhuman speed-- self-explanatory
3.) Superhuman strength-- self-explanatory
4.) Superhuman agility-- self-explanatory
5.) Blood Alchemy-- you can use this ability to create spells from human blood, it only takes a few drops
6.) Vampiric Touch-- This piece is psychometric powers. It allows you to see the past of anything you touch by the energies that it has stored it. You can use this on a person to see their past or on an object to see its past.
7.) Ultrasonic Hearing-- The ability to hear things that are far away or that wouldn't be audible to the human ear.
8.) Healing-- vampire blood can heal human wounds and injuries, because it heals at an extremely fast rate, something like 1000x the rate of human blood. This power has been infused into this piece. It allows you to very quickly self-heal or heal those around you.

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