El Vampiro Los Amigos
El Vampiro Los Amigos

El Vampiro Los Amigos

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Never trust the people who say they are going to help you.  This piece can attest to that.  We made it ourselves, with a brain tissue sample that was sent to us some years ago from a place called Rancho Los Amigos.  The place was originally a safe house for impoverished people who would work in exchange for help from the government.  This was in 1888.  It eventually grew into a hospital, adding an asylum for mental patients.  The hospital itself is still in use in another location, minus the mental wards that once thrived at Rancho Los Amigos.  They were shut down in the 1950s, after reports of cruel and unusual experimentation.  
All seemed well until 2006, when a group of marines, during regular exercises, uncovered a freezer in the morgue holding mummified amputated limbs and brain tissue samples.  That's how we got the samples.  As it turns out, the people in charge of the asylum were nut jobs themselves.  This was typically the case in those types of scenarios.  The brain tissue we received was labeled "vampire," and to be honest we expected to find nothing, but after working with the tissue, we were able to psychically locate the person to whom the tissue belong.  
Lo and behold the tissue belongs to a vampire who is about 600 years old.  He was tranquilized with some sort of chemical agent that put him at bay.  He was then chained to the wall of an underground tomb beneath Los Amigos, with samples of his brain tissue taken for experimentation.  I don't why the experimentation halted, but with the tissue we have been able to channel the spiritual form of the vampire into this piece.  When you use it, he will appear to you.  He will share your body with you and you will thereby gain all the knowledge and magic of a sanguine vampire.  You will not need to feed on blood, as the vampire is in spirit form.  He simply needs a mortal vessel to continue his existence.  He will talk to you by means of a voice in your head.  No, you aren't going crazy, it's how he communicates.    

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