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I love this heart and you will too! You can place this on any kind of chain or rope you wish and it won't matter. The power is all in the piece. You will wear this touching our skin and the metal will pick up your pulse. The pulse will then activate the crystals which will create a magical energy that you send out. Sending out the magic is easy. You wll program this before you place it on and you may change it every day if you want to.

Hold the heart in your hands and say the name of the person you want. After speaking the name you will state exactly what you desire to accomplish. Then wear your piece. This will work long distance but will take longer to work. If you have contact with the person it is much faster. Contact just means you can get in the same room, you don't have to touch them.

Results with this piece during testing were great considering the testors had to wear some clear packing tape on the skin. We don't want you having to wear an item that was on others peoples skin of this type. The reason is it can mess up the energy. This is sanitary and safe and one of the best pieces like it you will come across!

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