Elven Wealth Locket

Elven Wealth Locket

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I guess the night wouldn't be complete if I didn't also offer this piece. To go hand-in-hand with the elven sex piece that I wrote about a little bit ago is this elven piece. This is not a sex piece. Far from it. In fact, this magic curtails to something that people want even more than good sex and that is wealth.

This magic comes from the same place as the Elven sex spirit, but like I said it holds wealth. When using this piece, you are going to put some type of personal effect in the locket. It could be a hair, it could a fingernail, a tooth, anything that has come from your living body. You are going to put it in the locket, leave it there and wear this piece for a period of no less than 72 hours before removing it to do anything-- including showering and sleeping. After the 72 hours are up, you can remove it for bathing, but I'd still keep it on for sleeping to make sure that you are covered by the powers at all times.

These powers are ancient wealth powers. They are the wealth powers that have come from the Elven races that allowed them to rise up in the first place. They have created their own realm and live there now, but the times that they lived on earth they knew great wealth. They still do, it's just in a different location now.

Anyhow, this piece brings general wealth throughout all areas of your life. There will not a be a part of your life that will want when you wear this piece.

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