Emerald Djinn
Emerald Djinn

Emerald Djinn

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This ring holds a chip of what are called the emerald pillars.  I don't expect you to know what the emerald pillars are, because they don't even exist in our realm.  I seriously had to use another piece just to travel to the realm where this piece comes from.  It wasn't even on purpose that I traveled here.  I was just using an astral travel piece and happened upon this realm of ancient djinn.  Honestly, that is really how it happened-- and let me tell you, these are some very, very powerful djinn.  For beginners, they are eternal djinn, which is kind of important, because some of them aren't.  Some wish djinn only stay around until they grant their 3 wishes and they kind of evaporate into dust.  
I used my astral travel piece every day for a month, to learn all that I could from the djinn that existed in that realm.  It wasn't until my last encounter with them, though, that they told what the true source of their power was.  They took me into a hexagonal shaped temple, which had eyes on it that saw in all directions.  They explained that they eyes are the seekers and that they can see into may realms in order to obtain new powers for the djinn.  However, this isn't the most powerful part of the experience.  
Inside the temple, were a set of two emerald pillars.  They had inscriptions written all over them, which the djinn told me were ancient binding spells that kept all the magic in the pillars.  They explained that as the seekers find new magic, it is also put into the emerald pillars, for safe keeping.  Each of the djinn hold a small chip of the pillars, which they wear in a piece of jewelry somewhere on their body.  This is their direct connection to the pillar.  They hold all of its magic and they grow in magic as the powers in the pillars grow.  Each day they obtain more and more magic that has been brought to them from across many cosmic plains.  
This ring holds a chip of the emerald pillars.  The chip is set into a sterling silver ring.  The chip will give you a psychic connection to the emerald pillars that give the djinn their powers.  You will gain all of the ancient djinn powers associated with the pillars including the ability to be eternal, the ability to grant wishes, the ability to perform white light spells, the ability to travel among the cosmic plains, the ability to shape-shift and so many others.  With this piece, you will also receive a companion djinn, who will help you master your magic and will grant you any personal wishes that you want.  
As you can see this piece is super powerful, on many different levels.  If djinn are your thing, then this is your ring!  You do not want to miss out on the power and the beauty of this emerald ring set in sterling silver!    

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