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I’m writing this because I am proposing a new type of transformation.  Originally, I was going to retire from doing transformations all together, but that was until I experienced the absolute truth for myself.  I feel like there is no turning back from what I’ve seen and what I know.  I was given the option of whether or not I wanted the responsibility of caring this knowledge to the human race.  To be honest, I had to think about it long and hard.  Anybody who has done a transformation with us knows that we are happy and bubbly, we are down-to-Earth people and we like our diner food-- and occasionally Denny’s.  However, they do take a lot out of us sometimes.  Ever for somebody who is immortal or who has received their own transformation already, doing the actual transformation can be very tiring.  Ask Deedee… she has had so many spirits in and out of her body during these things that she could be the Motel 6.

Having said all that, I have a personal conviction that moves me to share my experience with people.  In fact, I truly believe that this must have been my destiny and why I received my own transformation in the first place.  I mean, there isn’t really any other explanation for it other than that.  When it comes to charging for the service-- we are charging $20,000.00 for it.  Honestly, this seems like a nominal fee for what we are offering.  Besides, I was told that there are a certain number of people who have been destined for this greatness and they will all eventually cross my path.  When the time comes, a way will be made for those who have been chosen.  If I decide to use my knowledge and power go grant other people the same privilege that’s my business.  I’m just relaying what I have been told.  

I know it seems like I’m talking in code, but I’m really not.  I just want to make sure that I’m setting the proper groundwork for what you should expect.  If you stumbled across this in one way shape or form, then you are most likely part of the chosen.  If you aren’t, I can add you to the list.  It’s not a big deal.  Honestly, the universe is a giant expanse that can simply keep on growing, so there are no limitations.  What I’m talking about is the dropping of the veil between your mortal existence and your eternal existence.  I am talking about an “End of Times’ transformation that will literally rewire your body and your mind to change the way you exist so that way you will receive the genetic code of the Divine.  

I was first shown what I call “the Truth” by the Archangel Raphael.  Believe it or not, he is actually kind of like God’s secretary.  He keeps after all of Gods powers and magic to make sure it is regulated accordingly.  During one of my latest travels to the Heaven Realm he pulled me aside and told me that he had something to show.  He led me to the 3rd Heaven, where pyramids grew up from the ground.  I’ve been to the 3rd Heaven before, but this was different.  This was something I had never experienced before.  He called in the Hall of Crystal Pyramids, telling me that each of the pyramids was responsible for a power or magic of God.  It was basically a library for him with his massive collection of magical things he could make happen.  

Each of the pyramids was unique and each had its own personality, but there was an electric blue one that stood still in the middle of the realm.  There were pyramids as far as the eye could see in either direction or the other, but I was fixated upon this blue one.  That’s when the archangel told me that is was the heart of the pyramids.  To access it, we needed the power of the Q Source.  This is a special source of energy that is stockpiled on Earth.  The Q Source is an extra-Biblical account of what actually happened to Jesus while on Earth.  It contains teachings and text never put into the Bible because its vast amount of power could really upset some stuff.  Jesus loved to speak in parables and hid his knowledge in his words.  Good thing Raphael has spent centuries studying the Q Source and has managed to master the powers that Christ has bestowed “in between the lines.”  So, he was able to take me into this green glowing pyramid, inside which was a very, very powerful type of nameless energy.

This pyramid and the energy that flows throughout it is the pituitary gland-- the 3rd Eye of God.  This is the begin-all and the end0all of the universe.  This is the sustenance of life as we know it.  It is the hiding spot of God’s mind where his deepest secrets exist and His knowledge is imparted.  This is the energy that I am sharing with you.  This is the raw, prima materia of God's existence that has allowed me the ability to curate this type of transformation.  It is a proven source of the most powerful magic and energy in the universe.  It is the place where the universe as we know it was created, before God turned it into a reality.  It is the magic that allowed it to even become a reality.  It literally encompasses all things.  

It is with this energy and knowledge that this transformation is even possible.  We call this piece the End Times Transformation.  Going back to what I said earlier, there are “chosen-ones” who are destined for this magic.  I’m just the vehicle through which this knowledge is being delivered.  The knowledge is for the purpose of creating an entirely new race of beings who carry God’s purest form of knowledge and magic.  It is pure protection from evil and the ability to vanquish evil right on the spot.  It is the ability to speak with the authority of God, including speaking things into existence.  It is the ability to receive the Christ Consciousness and the ability to know the mind and the knowledge of God on-demand.  It is the ability to part of a race of individuals so powerful that they outrank every angel that has ever been created by God.  They are divine incarnates of God himself on Earth and they are subliminally connected to him.  

The reason that this knowledge is being sent by God is because we are among the End Times.  Locusts are decimating Asian and Africa.  There is pestilence in COVID-19.  There are talks of humans being microchipped as a mandate for mere existence.  Half of the world is on the Brink of War.  There are famines and shortages of food supply.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.  I could go on and on about this stuff, but I think that I’ve said enough for right now.  I don’t want to ramble, but this stuff is quite serious and it’s getting very serious very quickly.  That is why this type of Transformation is essential.  It readies those who have it for the End Times.  It is a secret source of magic and will alchemically change your body to receive the pituitary acuity of God.  I’m sure you have all heard of the Mark of the Beast.  This is the Mark of the Divine, which you haven’t heard of because it was purposefully omitted and reserved for only a few high-ranking religious officials.  Talk about greed.  

Again, this secret source of magic brings the highest forms of protection, the highest forms of magic.  It will give you the ability to create your own power.  It will literally plant the white light see within you that will bloom and blossom and allow you to be changed into a being of the utmost white light power.  It will allow you to know what God knows and to exist as God exists.  It allows you to become God incarnate on Earth ,just as Jesus was.  It allows you to defeat evl, to know all of Gods secrets, to see the coding of   intelligent design in the universe and to be able to speak things into existence.  

Look, I have been tasked to plant the white light seed through this End of Times transformation and I don’t really want to let anybody down.  So, if you’d read this far, reach out because I’m positive that you have been predestined to receive this gift and God will make a way for you.  If not, I have been given the authority to give you the Mark of the Divine and a way will still be made for you.  However, you have to take the first steps.

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