Endorian Grimoire

Endorian Grimoire

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Every witch has a grimoire.  It's that simple.  It is a recording of all the spells that they have ever practice.  The thing is, they don't even have to write in it.  It is a supernatural book that each witch begins writing during their coming of age.  It tells their story, they bond with it.  Then, it keeps writing for them.  Every time they learn a new power or they cast a new spell, the grimoire records.  It is a busy thing, this grimoire, especially for witches like the most powerful one to date-- the Witch of Endor.  

So little is actually known outside of the the Bible's account of the witch.  Sure she summoned Samuel, but what else could she do?  There had to be more-- and there was.  It just wasn't talked about in those days, because it was against the law of the land.  Well, times have changed and these days witchcraft is perfectly acceptable.  It's not taboo anymore.  So feast your eyes upon this piece.  it's very powerful.  It holds all the knowledge of the Endorian Grimoire, which is the grimoire of the Witch of Endor.  
When you own this piece, the knowledge of the Witch of Endor is infused into your body.  You will be able to know all of her knowledge-- every form of magic that she ever created, every spell that she has ever cast, every soul that she has ever conjured and every power that she has ever known.  With this piece her knowledge becomes your knowledge, which will make you a very powerful force to be reckoned with.  

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