Endor's Ball
Endor's Ball

Endor's Ball

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In short, Samuel was a prophet of God.  Not in the sense that some people may claim to be a prophet of God, though.  He was an authentic prophet of God who was able to summon God simply by calling for him.  I have seen my fair share of authentic prophets throughout the days and I have also seen my fair share of phonies.  You would not believe how many phonies there were in France back in the 1800s when I was first born as a human child.  It was a cheap and easy way to make money to tell somebody that they would experience even the most minor of windfalls.  You get somebody curious about the prospect of money and they keep on coming back again and again.  Obviously, the money never comes, but the the fact that these people think there is money coming because you have told them a generalization about their life, keeps them curious.  In order to find out more answers about themselves they come back for more information and pay you. This is how the vicious circle begins.  I can assure you though, there are legitimate prophets of God and my comparison between prophets and psychic is accurate.  What do you think prophets are?  They are nothing more than white light, divine psychics of God.  Either you have the gift or you do not.  Or you can buy a relic to give you this gift.  Those with the gift are holy psychics, are they not? 

My point in telling you all this was to let you know that Samuel was an actual prophet of God.  He was 100% legitimate and he often gave prophecies to the kings from God.  Whether these prophecies were how to gain riches for the kingdom, whether or not to go to war, or just advice in general. Samuel was the top-notch prophet of his time.  After the death of Samuel, he was buried in Ramah.  Subsequently, Saul received not a single answer from God through either dreams, prophets or the Urim and Thummim.  He was anxious over the course of action he was to take with the gathering Philistine forces outside of his city. No answer came and he begin to stress out. 

What you have to understand about Saul is that he was truly a devout man.  He was so devout, in fact, that when he did not hear anything from God he became almost like paranoid schizophrenic.  Despite the fact that he had earlier cast out all of the necromancers and magicians from Israel, Saul summons the help of the an individual who is known as the Witch of Endor.   He was given very specific instructions by God, previously, not to seek out the help of magic that does not come from the Lord who called this magic evil.  This power is not evil at all, though.  I think maybe God got sick of hearing Samuel whine and that is why he gave him these instructions. 

Saul disobeyed God's orders, using the powers of the Witch of Endor to summon the prophet Samuel from his grave.  Samuel rebuked Saul for his rebellion.  Not only did Samuel rebuke Saul for disturbing his peace, he cursed him saying that not only will Israel fall, but Saul and his whole family will die by the sword.  The following day, the prophecy came true.  Saul suffered his demise in battle with his sons.  The rest of his family was murdered by the encroaching Philistines.  The rest is pretty much Biblical history.

This is a piece that I have held on to that I got while I was still staying in France.  It was a gift from one of the men who at first loved me, but then held me captive because they were jealous of my powers.  This crystal ball was given to me by my keepers, as I like to call them.  They forced me into captivity, but fed me power through objects as they wanted me to grow more powerful, so they could leech the power off of me and out of me.  Essentially what they intended to do was harvest me and then toss my dead corpse away.  When I got this piece, though, I was visited by a spirit who told me that I should not be afraid of these people.  I was to keep ingesting the powers they gave me.  I complied.  Apparently I come from some very magically powerful bloodline and the captors did not realize that.  Eventually my powers skyrocketed and I was able to use them to escape and this is when I began traveling the world in search of magical relics.  While I was in captivity, the spirit inside this crystal ball would send angels to show my future to me.  Sometimes they were beautiful, sometimes they were dull, but I was told that I was supposed to hang on that God will prepare a way for me.  This is why despite all of the unexplainable magic that I have come across, I have never once turned my back on God.  He allowed me to become powerful and escaped.  Again, this goes back to the point that I made earlier about God not really incriminating magic.  He's just worried about how people will use it and he was sick of hearing Saul whine, even after all he was given. 

To paint the whole picture for you, the entity inside of this ball is the Witch of Endor.  She communicates with angels and she has always been able to do this, even in the times of old.  Apparently, she's always had this power or she would not have been able to use if for Saul; and I cannot make this stuff up.  It is is sealed with blood in the Bible, just like this magic!  With this crystal ball, the Witch of Endor will act as a medium who will show you your future.  All you have to do to activate the powers is place a very, very tiny pin prick of blood at the top.  The Witch will appear to you and then so will the angels.  They will show you your future.  You will see this by gazing directly into the crystal ball and focusing all your attention into it.  It will more or less be like meditating.

When you are shown your future, you may not like what you have seen.  That's okay, because this piece goes one step further.  Thanks to the blood alchemy that is created when you put your pin-point drop of blood on the top of this crystal ball, you can change your future.  All you have to do in order to change you future is call out to the Witch of Endor and she will relay the message to the angels who are showing you your future.  What happens next is that the angels, who are angels of destiny, will change your course of destiny to incorporate whatever it is that you want to be present in your life.  You can use this piece as many times as you'd life, to tweak your destiny to whatever you would like to include or omit.  An opportunity like this one will mostly likely only present itself to you once in your lifetime.  Do not waste this opportunity. 


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