Eternal Wealth and Building Your Angelic Afterlife
Eternal Wealth and Building Your Angelic Afterlife

Eternal Wealth and Building Your Angelic Afterlife

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If there is one truth that you need to realize, it is that astral travel provides a lot of what we know about magic and how it works.  This is holds true whether you are using the items that you buy from me, or if you are using items you have made yourself, or if you are using magical items that you acquire some other way.  Most of the times magic will give you something that is not of this world.  It is something that has entered our world through other means.  I am talking about more than just a card trick.  I am talking about those truths that when put together like the pieces of a puzzle will begin to paint the bigger picture.  There are many different types of magic that, while different, all work together to create the one driving force behind all of magic.  That is somewhere in the center of existence.  It is the source from which all other magic derived.  It is the essence that used by sorcerers to create magic through manipulation or bending the energies to gain the abilities that they desire. 

God's great dreamscape, called Heaven, is not an exception.  God happens to be one of the greatest sorcerers to have ever existed.  He used the energies to create, but only in forms of white light and positive energies.  In Heaven, there is a mansion for any type of magic that you could possibly think of.  Accordingly, all of these powers are found in white light variations.  They are not dual and they are not dark.  They are of God, the way he wanted to create them.  They are very powerful and will guarantee results when used.  He even gave us a promise that those who have faith the size of a mustard see, in his ability and power, will be able to tell mountains to move and they will listen.  I have always been fascinated with that expression, but it could not have become more meaningful for me than when I actually had the experience to witness his power first hand. 

I am not getting rid of the piece that allows me to astral travel.  At least, not yet anyway.  I am not yet ready to part with it.  There is something better that I wish to provide you with.  It came to me upon a journey to Heaven, while using the astral piece that I have mentioned to you just now.  I was using the powers in the piece one night, meditating while lying on the edge of a mountain overhang.  It was somewhere in France.  I was actually there undercover, attempting to cloak my existence from those who wish to recapture and enslave me as a means of stealing my powers from me.  This just was not an option, so I slipped away to a little mountain trail, to a cliff that hung over a valley.  From the valley I could see all things below me, so if anyone was encroaching upon my existence I would sure to know.  Nobody ever came, but as I was gazing into the valley, I was also wearing my item.  My mind began to wonder to places that I had, at that point, never been.  It thrust me into a state of paralysis where I could feel my souls being pulled through my eyes.  It is often said that window to the soul is the eyes and after this experience, I can tell you that I have absolutely no doubt that this assumption is actually more of a truth than those who have not had this experience could comprehend. 

As my soul was being pulled through my body, my surroundings began to change and I could feel my body traveling through space.  It was not space in the literal sense of the term.  I did not travel past Jupiter or Mars, but I could feel my soul ascending to some far away place, floating through negative space, void of any forms of existence.  I learned rather quickly that this was the absolute path the Heaven.  After a few short minutes that seemed like an eternity, I arrived in a realm apart from our own.  Concept of time and reality does not exist there, because existence is does not exist as time like it does on Earth.  The things in Heaven are not bound by any means, they are eternal.  Unless altered by God, they will exist such as they are forever.  Forever is a rather difficult thing to comprehend, because the human mind has been conditioned to understand days and seconds and years and weeks and hours.  There is no such urgency in Heaven; forever is a very long time.  It is the concept on which God founded his whole existence.  There is no beginning or end, he is the Alpha and Omega.  The reason I tell you this is that I need to understand with an open mind when I tell you that this piece contains Eternal Wealth.  It may not be an easy concept to understand, but Eternal Wealth is different than any other type of wealth that you will ever experience.  It does not just affect you here on Earth, but rather it follows you through whatever transformation you gain; unless, of course you unfortunately end up in Hell.  Then, you will devoid of anything but a pitiful, sorrowful soul. 

When I arrived in Heaven, I found myself facing several large mansions.  They were like the pyramids in that you could tell they were structures, but they had been infused by the touch of God to hold life forms of their own.  They are the powers of God that he has breathed into existence.  These structures were all lined up on a street of gold, like a tidy little village. They were plotted out exactly and even though they were not pyramids per se, they each contained a capstone of illustrious color, each different from another.  This is their connection to God and where their powers come from.  As I was taking in all the glory and splendor, something took over my mind.  If I had to tell you what the force that took over my mind was, I would say that it was the Holy Ghost.  In an instant, I had absolutely no control over my body.  In the many years that I have existed in immortality I must say that I had never experience total mind domination before, especially not as direct and straightforward as this.  I was being sucked into one of the mansions like magnet.  I did not feel scared or threatened in anyway shape or form; instead, I felt like I was in complete nirvana.  I felt like my body was perfectly relaxed and in the perfect state of comfort, with no pain and no hurt.  I was led to a specific structure with a capstone that glistened a thousand different colors.  I was led through the door and into an altar on which were several items.  I watched as my hand was outstretched and I clutched this item.

It was at this point my soul re-entered by body through my eyes.  For the first few seconds I experience just a tad bit of confusion.  Then, I realized I was out of my astral travel.  When I came to, I still had the piece firmly clutched in my hand.  After working with the piece for what seems like forever in a human kind of perspective, I was finally able to discover that the piece that was given to me holds the very essence of Eternal Wealth.  I guess it would be kind of redundant to tell you that Eternal Wealth is the power that this piece will give you upon wearing it.  Alas, this is what the piece will give you, though.  I want you to fully comprehend exactly what it is you are getting.  Yes, this piece will surely bring you riches and blessing beyond your wildest dreams while in your mortal existence.  It means so much more though.  This piece, with its power of Eternal Wealth, will begin building splendor for you in Heaven.  It will begin to construct your heavenly body in the form of magnificent angel.  With each good deed that you do for another, your angel will gain wealth, meaning that your angel will become more and more beautiful and resilient.  It is also said in the Bible that no good deed goes unpunished.  This could not be any more true with the powers in this piece.  In using it, by the time that you arrive in Heaven, you will have a angelic, heavenly body that will rival that of Lucifer before he fell from power.  As a side benefit, this piece gives you the ability to leave your body and wear your heavenly form, so that way you can obtain all of the knowledge that God will share with you as your angel form grows even more powerful day by day.


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